Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Wint'ry Pompom Wreath

Now that all of my Christmas décor has come down and been relegated to the storage space in the basement, our home was full of a few gaps that needed to be filled.
Even the kids thought the front door looked rather bare after the wreath with the festive berries and big red bow came down!
After a quick look around the local craft store, inspiration hit!
Well actually, I found a set of these pom pom makers (which I had been coveting for a couple of months) and knew I needed to buy them right away and get to work using them. 

I had seen several people on Instagram using these strange looking contraptions.  I had no idea how they worked and it turns out, they are EASY to use!

I created several pom poms in the icy shades of white and pale silvery blue.  I also coached my daughter through the making of several in crazier shades of hot pink and lime green. ( Don't worry - they are not going on the wreath!)
A little glue gun here, a lacy burlap bow there and my wint'ry wreath was done!

I'll admit that I bought a premade bow.  I was only $10 and I had a half-off coupon so I splurged on pre-made.  It's colour added a bit of warmth to a rather cool-looking wreath. 

And here it is, hanging on our front door.


The white wreath itself is actually a Christmas decoration that I found in the 80% off section.  I figured it looked just as much "January/February" as it did "December," so I used it.
As you can see from the reflection in the window here, we have snow in my little neck of the woods (near Toronto).  The snow is light and not deep at all.  Easy to handle. 
Now the cold - that is another story!
 We are having record cold temperatures with wind chills that feel like -35 degrees Celcius.

Way too cold to enjoy the snow.  The kids can't play outside and no one wants to leave their cosy beds EVER!

Hoping for the predicted "jump" in temperatures on the weekend.  We're expecting  -12 degrees or so!!


  1. Your wreath is so the pom poms, and the colors. I cannot even imagine how cold it must be there. Have a happy Friday!

    Blessings, Vicky

    1. Thanks, Vicky. Less wind here now so if feels a bit warmer. And the sun has come out and that always makes everything better! I made pompoms all week and now have enough to fill my smaller sensory bin at school. The kids are going to love it!!

  2. Good evening! Your 'Wintry Pom Pom Wreath' is not only beautiful, but also very elegant and simply perfect for Winter :)

    Also, your "contraptions" are wonderful! What an easy way to make pom poms. I have never seen them before, but I will definitely be on the lookout.

    Thank you so much for sharing at Roses of Inspiration. I hope you join us next Tuesday. Happy weekend and stay warm! Hugs

    1. You are welcome, Stephanie! I don't even remember how I found your link up, but I'll be sure to pop by again next week.

  3. Wow, what a famous wreath!
    I've bought such pompon-maker a long time ago, but haven't used them until today (had forgotten). Now I will see for rests of wool..
    Thanks for sharing, have a nice new week

    1. Did you get your pompom maker out? What did you make? I hope I inspired something pretty!

  4. Loving the wreath, it's gorgeous. Not liking the sound of those temperatures though, I will stop complaining about the cold winds here as they are nowhere near close to those figures :s x x x

  5. Warming up a bit his week. Hopefully the kids can get outside to play!


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