Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Well-Loved T-shirt Becomes Pretty Hoop Art

Today I spent the  morning in our daughter's room, up to my elbows in paint, turning her room from...... a lovely shade of...

It's all part of the "re-decoration" of her bedroom that I told you all about HERE.

The room is slowly coming together and I hope to be able to show you the completed project in a few weeks.  Until then I will have lots of little projects to show you, all part of the new colour scheme.

And here is the first!

Afton grew out of this pretty little tee-shirt 2 years ago.  

I loved the strawberry embroidery and pretty gingham ribbon detailing so I couldn't bear to send it off to charity as I do with so many of her clothes.  

Instead I held onto it in hopes that I could use it in some way. And today I did!!

Here are crafty bits for today's little project:

~ a wooden hoop
~ ric rac
~ gingham ribbon
(and I used a glue gun, too!)

First I cut the tee-shirt into a small square that would easily stretch into my wooden hoop.

I glued the fabric to the back of the hoop, pulling it snugly.....

....then cut off the excess using sharp scissors.  

Unfortunately the tee-shirt had a small stain on it. To cover this I folded up a piece of matching gingham ribbon into a bow and glued it over the stain.  

What an easy-peasey fix!!

To finish the edges, I glued some white ric-rac to the back of the hoop so that the ruffle-ly edge could be seen at the front. 

(I burned myself several times doing this, but it was worth it in the end!)

Doesn't the hoop art perfectly match  this strawberry angel I bought for our daughter last summer??  Cute as a button, huh?

One decor project done, several to go.  

Bit by bit, Little Lady's room is coming together.

Keep checking in - I am sure I'll have something else to share within the next few days!!

Hugs to you and yours,



  1. What a brilliant idea!! Now I know why I saved those two shirts that had parts that were just too pretty to throw out. Truly, it's amazing I didn't see your idea the day AFTER I threw them. lol

  2. This is one of the sweetest little projects I have seen! I absolutely love it. What a wonderful idea to use the adorable little shirt....and it looks perfect with the doll! The room is going to be so sweet!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  3. What a great idea!! My daughter has an old silk kimono type dress that she wore while on holiday many years ago and I have never been able to part with it. I am now wondering whether to do your hoop idea or even just to frame the whole dress for her room now. Thanks once again for your inspirational ideas!! Chel x

  4. This is sooo pretty! Love that you upcycled your little one's sweet shirt. Hope you share with my Pink Hippo Party @
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

  5. Whoooaaaa there! That looks gorgeous - what a great idea! Now I'm thinking of the three large bags I have just donated to charity and thinking 'why didn't I think of that?' Well done x Jane

  6. This is sooooo cute! love it, and it's fun to recycle old favorites into new treasure! Great Job,Miss B!

  7. What a perfect way to display that adorable shirt! Looks great!

  8. What a beautiful way to turn an item of clothing into a decorative keepsake. I wonder what clothing items I have tucked away for my girls that could be repurposed? Thanks for the idea!

  9. Cute idea -- great way to re-use a t-shirt.

  10. Thanks for linking up to my party! I wanted to let you know I picked your link to feature this week! See my post and grab my feature button here

  11. How beautiful!!! I love what you did with the embroidery hoop, what a great idea!

  12. Thanks for linking up to Whimsy Wednesday! Your project has been featured this week!

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  13. I love this, it looks gorgeous. Such a great idea. Who would have thought that this was ever a t-shirt. Great work Bronwyn :) x x x x

  14. I love that idea. It would be a great idea to display one of your children's old baby clothing!

  15. So sweet and it will make you smile with memories of that cute tee and your daughter wearing it. Great project. Thanks for sharing.

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