Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Watering Can Centrepiece and a Lesson from my Daughter

While out thrifting with my daughter we came across a rusty old watering can.  It was pretty wrecked up and far from pretty. 

She asked to buy it.  I said no right away. 

 "It's not very pretty, Afton."

"I thought we could make it pretty.  Maybe plant flowers in it."

I smiled and brushed her off.  I've got plenty of pots at home for that. Who needs a rusty old watering can...?

We came home with lots of "treasures" that day, but no watering can. 
And boy did I regret it.  

She was right.  We could have made that watering can pretty.
All it needed was a wipe-down and something lovely inside it.
Then it would have shone again like it was brand-new.

Kind of like this silver watering can that I paid way too much for at Michaels later that week. 

I wanted to make a spring centrepiece for my dining room table and this watering can vase was  perfect for my plan and vision.

So I bought it.

Looking at it now, it's probably too new and shiny.  It was hard to take pictures of it  because my reflection kept showing on it.
It's too "glitzy" looking - so silver that it looks "blinged" out.  Not my cup of tea at all.  

I guess I've just learned the hard way that I should trust my daughter's instinct.  She was right.  The tarnished old watering can would have been perfect for "pretty-ing up."

Next time I am trusting her.  
She has gift of creative imagination and I should never doubt it.

What have you learned from your children lately??

Hugs to all,



  1. Don't you just hate being proved wrong! A bit of wire brush and dettol as my dad always says, will bring up everything back to normal (not sure that would be the same with everything though!). Chel x

  2. So charming! - love how you added the little bird nest- too cute!


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