Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Baby It's Cold Outside" Sign

After taking a little break from any decor tweaking, post-Christmas, I was back at it again this past weekend.  
I finally filled my empty mantel (empty since I took down the Christmas decor) and put together my winter mantel.  

I wanted a real "centre-piece" for the mantel - something to add a fair bit of interest and to be the focal point. 
So....I grabbed a 2-dollar canvas from the Dollar Store and got started.

My mantel colour scheme was going to be white and mint green. So I mixed together some blue, green and white paint and covered the canvas.  

Next, I planned out, using old-school pencil and  paper, the text and font mix I wanted to use.  I kept my Cricut cartridges nearby so that I could remember exactly what fonts I had available.  

Then I started cutting.... 

....slicked on some homemade Mod Podge (water and white glue!) and..... 

.....THIS  is how it turned out:

Not bad, eh?  I think it looks just like something one could by in a decor store.  I'm pretty proud - yet it was so darn easy!!
It fits perfectly into my mantel decor.  Can't wait to show you that next time!!

An aside.....

The dining room table was looking pretty naked these days, too. 
For something a little different, I made a "book vignette" on  top of it.  I had recently bought some books online and was given several more by a book-obsessed friend. I can't wait to dig into them all and having them nearby will remind me to make books a priority!!

What's in this stack?  Seed catalogues and the newest issues of my favourite Country Living magazines. As well, I just finished reading 
Miss Mustardseed's, "Inspired You." It was a lovely book with pictures of her home as well as real life stories about learning to love the home you have and making the most of it.  (If any of my real-life friends want to borrow it for a read, let me know!)

As well, I ordered "The Happiness Project" and "Happiness at Home" written by Gretchen Rubin. These books teach you about finding the joy in everything - even in the littlest of places.

 And my friend, Julie, started using "Q&A  a Day for Kids" with her kids just after Christmas.  I loved the idea of recording our children's thoughts for later reading and quickly snapped one up for myself, too.   Can't wait to get started!!

The second stack contains novels by Edward Rutherford and Chris Cleave - all highly recommended by friends.  I might save these for our trip to Florida in March....

( Oh...and there is my youngest cutie- stealing some of photo props!!)

Visit soon and often!!

Warm hugs to you and yours,



  1. Love that stack of books on a cold winter day! Gotta get to my own stack!

  2. Wow, really cool sign ;-). Great job!!

  3. You really inspire me! Fantastic sign. Take care. Chel x

  4. Those colours are beautiful - well done!

  5. The sign is adorable. I love the stack of books.

  6. Love it Bronwyn! lOVE that shade of blue! And the fonts you used...awesome! Yes, you can come to a party at my house anytime! You are always invited! Wouldn't that be a blast?! Have a wonderful week friend! Angie xo

  7. Dont you love a cricut? Cute sign...enjoyed browsing your blog. I too consider myself Queen castle doors are always open over at the "royal blog"...visit me sometimes...tiff

  8. PS I am your newest follower...Us Queens gotta stick together.

  9. Love, love, love your sign! I might have to borrow (steal) your idea! Too cute! If I'm not already a follower I'm off to go become one right NOW! (Did I mention that I really wanted to name our daughter Bronwyn? Love your name! Hubs did NOT go for it.)

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  11. Another great post B! The new winter mantel looks great thus far! Oh - I could have lent you The Happiness Project! That was a gift I got from Wayne back in 2010. :)

  12. Thank you for linking up to Thrifty Thursday! I love this sign, so cute! Hope to see you again this coming Thursday!

    ps. you are being featured!

  13. Such a fun look and a great idea for this time between Christmas and Valentines.
    thanks for sharing


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