Sunday, May 13, 2012

Nana's Sign

Today is Mother's Day here in Canada and I had really wanted to come up with something interesting for my mother's gift.  So the other night, the kids and I hit the craft store and spent the evening doing this:

I cut some leftover wood into 1 1/2 foot long pieces to act as the base of our project. 

Then each of the kids took their turn covering their pieces in pastel paint.  
My daughter  Afton chose to switch into old clothes before painting.

The boys went with underwear-only painting.  No paint on ANY clothes this way!!



We needed some 1 inch wooden circles to act as the centres of some wooden flowers.  The only thing we could find at Michaels were these basketballs - so they had a paint makeover!!

Little Lady put her fine motor skills to the test and carefully turned some wooden flowers into white daisies!

Once the painting was complete, each child took their turn hammering some nails into the wooden sticks.
After an HOUR of hammering, this is what we had:

Though my children are marvelous little helpers, at this point it was bedtime! Off they went, fairly easily, and I went back to finishing up.

I used a paper stencil to add some navy blue lettering to our sign.  

I don't like the little spaces left by a traditional stencil so I used a small brush to fill in the gaps in the lettering.  

The following morning day I drove the 2 hours to my mother's house and delivered her new garden decor.  

The sun was shining, her garden is already green and lush  and our sign was the perfect addition!!

Happy Mother's Day to the best mother in the world! 
 Every gift, talent and ounce of patience I have came from you. 
You are one amazing woman who has shown that her strength is immeasurable and her love for her family is both steadfast and unending.  Even after the toughest year of your life you continue to sparkle and we are awed by vitality.

Love you forever, Mommy!!


  1. Well done it looks lovely!
    Happy Mothers day.....

    Lou xxx

  2. Oh how lovely! Stunning sign and I love the 'underwear only painting' tip!

  3. Underwear is a must do (for me if not the kids!)! Love the sweet is that! I could use a crafty holiday with you!

    Lots of love N xx

  4. I LOVE this! It is so darling. And know why it caught my eye? Because I make soap and have a 'Nana's Garden' homemade soap bar. LOL You'll have to check it out.

    Back to your sign, I'm definitely going to try this. This Nana needs a sign like that!! Seeing it just makes me smile! :-)

    P.S. I'm your newest follower. I hope you'll follow me back?

  5. Aww, B. This is great! We DO have an amazing mom, a true inspiration.

    Can't wait to check out the sign in person at mom's this weekend!

  6. Such a sweet idea. I need to make one for my kids Nana. I found you on A Diamond in the Stuff and I am a new Linky Follower. Have a great day and come by and visit.

  7. Now, that is too cute! I hope you will find that duplication is the highest form of flattery, because I would love one of these in my garden! By the way, I just found you through "From Dream To Reality", and I'm your newest follower, yay, and would so love to have you follow back! Have a great day!

  8. I love it...I am a Nana also (so much better than grandma, or granny!!)....they did a great job on the sign, it is adorable.

  9. OOO... My gears are turning!! So many people I know would love this! I can see it saying something about "take some weeds with you as you go." Great colors! Thanks for sharing!
    Found you on Fabric Bows and More
    Visiting from Well Rounded,

  10. LOVE colorful and fun! :)

  11. Oh, this is adorable and they're such darlings! I found you on Thrifty Home and I'm now a follower. I would love if you could follow me back. Thanks

  12. This is sooo stinkin cute! I would love it if you hop on over and join in my under 300 followers blog hop @

  13. This is so adorable!

    Mrs. Delightful

  14. This is awesome! I have to have my little one make one for her MiMi! Thanks for sharing at A Pinteresting Party!

  15. Super cute pinning you via HandyAndy's party : )

  16. Great idea! And what a beautiful piece for your garden. We have been working hard on our vegetable garden and I think it needs a sign like this :o) Happy to be a new follower! Thanks for linking to A Pinteresting Party. Going to pin to my kids crafts board right now. -Sarah @ Repeat Crafter Me

  17. This is adorable! Thanks so much for sharing at Mix it up Monday :)

  18. Nanna is GORGEOUS!!!! What a lovely garden sign!!! LOVE IT!

    Thanks for sharing at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!
    I can't wait to see what you link up tomorrow :)

  19. What a fun and creative gift for Mother's Day! So cute! Thanks so much for linking up to A Pinteresting Link Party!

  20. I love the sign, you have inspired me to make one for the kids herb garden. I will keep you updated on how it goes

    I am your newest follower, why not pop over and visit me @

  21. Love the Sign! One question...I see you list the length of each board as 1 1/2 ft.. Can you tell me the other dimensions. Width and depth?


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