My name is Bronwyn and I am so glad you have stopped by for a visit. I hope you find joy and inspiration in everything you see here. I live with my family in a new, builder-grade townhome in a small city, even though my dream home would be a century old farmhouse in the countryside. Daily I strive to add warmth, "age," and character to our little home. I love to knit, crochet, sew, decorate, bake and go thrift shopping. These are all a wonderful release after my three small children are off to bed each evening. Thankfully, I have a patient and understanding husband, Kevin, who allows me to bring all kinds of crazy things into our home in the the name of "creativity."

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fun and Thrifty

The "FUN"

This time of year is always a blur- there's swimming lessons, dance lessons,  and of course the beginning of the newest season......SOCCER!! 
Here's our little lady all done up and ready for her first game of the year:

(Not sure I am a big fan of her uniform colours this year. I much preferred last year's teal  blue.  Regardless - she  still looks darn cute!)

Later in the week, we took the kids for a quick visit to the nearest fun farm/shop, Springridge Farm.  We LOVE it here all year long.  On this particular day, we shopped for snacks and coffee only. The farm is located at the side of the escarpment and has lovely views from every angle.

Our youngest boy opted for "pie" as his snack of the day.  On this day it's strawberry peach. Yummy!

The "Thrifty"

Oh! Did I ever get some great finds at the thrift stores in the last week or so! 

For eating/serving I grabbed this wooden watermelon platter, a raspberry-covered serving jug, a wooden cake stand (this is getting a re-paint) and this pale aqua daisy plate.  

On a flowery theme, I picked up this hand-painted jewellery box, a pink and white porcelain picture frame (for little lady's bedroom) and the most heart-stopping item of them all - a hand-embroidered, wood handled  purse.  I saw it and I KNEW I had to have it.  Then I saw the price - $2.99!!!! SOLD! It doesn't hold much, but it is perfect for date night when I only have carry my phone, my debit card and some lipstick!

To round out my thrifty finds, I plan on turning these $2.00 spires into something prettier than their current golden state.  And these shoes - not thrifted , but still inexpensive from Target. Love the preppy look they have going for them (thought the first day I wore them they gave me blisters!)

(By the way - I am loving the new collage feature at PicMonkey.  These photo groupings were so easy to do!!)


  1. Oh your little miss is too cute (PS: I LOVE the orange :)!!!)

    Such fun thrifty finds. That PURSE is FABULOUS Bronwyn! Very sweet. . . .and the pink sneaks from Target are tooooo cute toooo!!!!

  2. What a darling little soccer player. And at least the orange will be easy to spot on the field. :-)

  3. How lovely to find someone who shares my interests (although I've never been as successful as you at the thrift store!), and my name! I'll be following! Check out my blog at www.madebybronwyn.blogspot.com.


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