Thursday, April 12, 2012

This is Where Camden Sleeps....

Camden's bedside table had been an eyesore to me for months.  I had hoped to find something interesting, hopefully in wood, that had lots of storage for his books and toys, pjs and slippers.  So when I came this at the thrift store, I JUMPED at it!!
Yep.  It's a wooden filing cabinet.  I don't know how old it is, but I don't really care.  The drawers work perfectly and they are deep and have tons of room in them.   And I love that the drawers slide smoothly and slowly - perfect for keeping little hands safe!
Still wondering how I am going to "label" the drawers.  Any ideas??

Camden's new bedside table sits next to his big-boy bunk beds (say that 5 times fast!).  My mother purchased  them for us a few years back.  I had to paint them - what a job!- because they were white and didn't fit very well in Camden's big boy room.  

Do you like his art?  I had bought this box of alphabet cards back when his big brother was an infant.  I wanted to use as many as I could on his walls (and framing them all would have been REALLY expensive!) so I decided to leave them un-framed and hang them "clothes-line" style on the wall above his beds.  

And on his bed??  This little collection.  I found these blue and brown owl fabrics at JoAnnes.  I have enough for three patchwork pillows , but I've only made one so far.  Maybe that's a project for this weekend........

And this is Whoo- Hoo.  That`s what Camden called him the second I finished crocheting him.  I needed a little project for a long car-ride to a friend's cottage and this little online pattern was the perfect thing.  Now he holds an place of honour on Camden's top bunk (whenever Cam isn`t cuddling with him!)
Here`s Camden the Cutie, himself.  He doesn`t get to sit on the top bunk very often (he`s only three!), so he was pretty excited to pose for pictures for mommy up there!

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  1. Love Love LOVE those alphabet cards, and Camden is pretty darn cute, too!

  2. Adorable! Love that idea!
    I would love if you stopped by my Creative Inspirations party to link up - I would love to have you there!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  3. What a fun room! I love the bunk beds...thinking about getting some for our boys when they are a bit older. And the alphabet flashcards are so cute!

  4. This room is adorable...the file cabinet is such a cute idea! I have a set of big alphabet cards and I love your display idea, it is MUCH cheaper than framing and cuter, too! Oh, and I love your cheery header...makes me smile! Thanks so much for stopping by my spring lake post!

  5. What an great room for your little boy!!! The animal alphabet bunting is really cute. and I love the patchworked pieces. Picture labels are good for younger children who aren't readers yet. Maybe that would work on the file drawers.

  6. Super cute idea... hanging them on a line!


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