Sunday, January 10, 2010

My "Journal Your Christmas" Album

It is complete!! I decided I would be done creating new pages on the first of January (you can continue until the 12th day after Christmas if you so choose!) And here I am, on the 10th of January, actually clipping the final finished pages into my album. I could have been done sooner except I kept forgetting to print the photos for Jan. 30 (A Year in Review) and New Years Eve.
This is a project I am really proud of. It made me think about lots of aspects of Christmas that often slip my mind during the hub-bub of the holidays. I also like what I have done creatively. I have never worked in a 6x12 format so it was challenge to think long and skinny instead of big and square like I am used to. But I like how it has turned out and I will definitely make a mini-book in this size again.

Click on the little picture and you will be taken to a slideshow of my Journal.

JYC 2009


  1. Such a beautiful accomplishment and keepsake!

  2. Bronwyn...I love it! You did an awesome job!


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