Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Getting Crafty: What I'm Making Right Now!

I like a little variety in my life.  
However, I am not one to start too many projects before the first few get finished.  
Generally, I try to have a variety of different projects going, usually in an assortment of mediums.  
This is true today as I reflected on my current "works in progress."'

Number One:  French Hydrangea Blanket
I began this last month and I already have half of the squares done.  I ADORE the colours I have chosen and each square brings me joy to create.  However, I have decided to put it away for awhile so that I can join in with a "Crochet Along" blanket project. (More info on that below!) 

Number Two:   Italy in Stitches
My husband and I took a whirlwind trip through Italy  in July.  As has been my tradition, I am stitching up some of our memories in a cross-stitch picture that will hang in our hallway.  So far I've stitched London and Paris and I am really liking how Italy is looking so far.
Do you recognize Florence's Duomo?
The Ponte Rialto in Venice?
The tower in St. Mark's Square? 

Number Three:  Spice of Life Crochet Along Blanket
I've never joined a stitch along of any kind.  However, my oldest son  recently requested a crocheted blanket for his bed so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to join a sisterhood of stitchers and check a project off of my list.  
Sandra at Cherry Heart has created the pattern and is leading us through several weeks of  favourite stitches and colour combinations.  
This is what the finished blanket will look like:

You can see why it's called the "Spice of Life" blanket.  There's definitely a lot of  stitch and colour "variety" in it!

My son, Bryn, helped me pick his blanket colours.  Luckily he was happy to choose from my stash.  I am using up a lot of loose balls of yarn and we are both happy with the tones and "boyish-ness" of the colours.  

Number Four:  Star Christmas Quilt
I'll admit it.  I have begun some Christmas crafting.  I usually don't start until mid-October, but I have decided that this year's Christmas quilt ( I make one every year!) will involve some English Paper Piecing.  This always takes a lot longer than stitching bits together on the sewing machine so I thought I'd better get started!  Three stars done,  SO MANY to go!!

Oh! I get excited just looking at these pictures.  
And each evening I grab a cuppa and settle in for an evening of stitching.  The hardest part is choosing which project to work on!!

Kindest regards to all who have come for a visit!

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  1. I lved reading this post! so many lovely projects :) Looking forward to seeing your CAL progress, I was so tempted to join but I have so many WIPs. Maybe soon :) And the cross stitch is gorgeous, what a lovely memento. The Christmas quilt looks great, as does your hydrangea blanket, looking forward to seeing the progress! x

  2. They are all lovely but I especially like the tiny little gondola sailing under the Rialto Bridge!

  3. Four beautiful projects, I love them all and the wide variety. Looking forward to seeing how you progress.

  4. So many beautiful projects!! I look forward to seeing more of each of them. Your hydrangea blanket has beautiful colours in it!! Just like a wonderful variety of hydrangea flowers!!! I love that you named it too! Have fun with the CAL! xx

  5. Ahhh!!! I haven't been to Florence but I definitely recognized Ponte Rialto and the tower :D I love the cross stitched look and the colors that you've used! I'd love to see the one you did for London and Paris!

  6. Oooh, loving the star quilt! Paper piecing is not for me, but your points are meeting beautifully in the middle. It's getting to quilt weather around here, and no doubt as soon as I pull it out I'll want to make another one. I am resisting as long as possible...

  7. I LOVE that Spice of Life Crochet Along Blanket! The colors are perfection! I'm so jealous you can crochet. I'm a knitter, but for some reason the whole crochet thing is beyond me. All attempts just end up in knots. :)

  8. Hi Bronwyn, thank you for joining in with my link party! Your projects are all beautiful. I love your quilt and the hydrangea blanket especially. Everything you're making is gorgeous and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress this winter!

  9. You've got some beautiful projects on the go, all different mediums so you'll never be bored. I love the idea of cross stitching your memories and the colours in your Hydrangea Blanket are beautiful. I'm following the crochet along too, though I'm a bit behind but I'm doing it in my own time, I don't want to rush it. I'm joining in with Jennifer's link party, I'm sure it will keep us all motivated with our makes.

  10. Your hydrangea square are just lovely! You have so much on the go Bronwyn, I am impressed. x

  11. Hi Bronwyn. Came here via the link party. ever tried a temporary fabric glue pen for putting your hexi's on the papers. I use one from 'simply solids' and it revolutionised patchwork for me. The fun is now in the sewing them together rather than prepping papers, it halves the time. Go and see my 8 pointed stars done in 1 week.


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