Friday, September 4, 2015

Five On Friday - 5 Photos from my Phone

Hurray! After taking the summer off, Amy at   Love Made My Home is back hosting her weekly link party, Five on Friday.
As has been my tradition in other weeks of Five On Friday, I have chosen five photos from my iphone which illustrate the week that has been. 
Number One:   It's the last week of summer holidays. We all head back to school this coming Tuesday. So we've been making the best of quiet afternoons at home and al fresco meals out on the deck in the glorious sunshine.  Dearest hubby put this BBQ dinner together the other night - sausages, edamame and green pea salad and corn and potato salad.  Delish - and healthy too!

Number Two: During the summer I took a lot of time to clean out closets, organize kid gear and thinned out wardrobes.  I also spent a fair bit of time tidying up my crafts supplies.   Ordering my embroidery floss by colour strangely brought great joy to my heart!! Do other people get excited about things like this??

Number Three:  Hurray for Shaun the Sheep!!  I've always loved this style of animation and didn't have to ask Camden twice to come and watch the movie with me.  Absolutely adorable and done with next to no spoken word throughout the whole film.  Cute as a button and technically spectacular. 

Number Four:  While in a nearby town for a dentist appointment, I made a stop at a lovely Portuguese-style bakery.  It was filled with freshly baked bread, cupcakes, a plethora of cookies and, of course, custard tarts.  I ordered up a frothy latte and tart and found a seat in the sunshine. I must say it was the yummiest latte I had consumed in ages and the tart - absolutely scrumptious.  In fact, before I left, I bought a dozen more to take home and share with the family. 

Number Five:  My daughter and I found this sign while shopping in Hobby Lobby on a recent road trip to the US.  As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it! The sentiment was just perfect - kind of a goofy way to say, "I love you," with just a bit more style. It now hangs in our stairwell so that my family can be reminded of my thoughts every time they go up and down the stairs.  

Thanks for popping in to see my Friday Five.  I'm going to go check what wonderful things other people have posted on their blogs.  We have a lot of catch-up to do after a summer off!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. I must admit that I like organising all the crafty bits too or emptying the button tin. Such good fun! It's good to be back reading all the Five on Fridays again too. Have a good week :-)

  2. Love the sign, such wonderful sentiment. The barbeque looks delicious, send your hubby over to cook for me. Those custards tarts look pretty delicious too.

  3. That sign is brilliant! I have to organise supplies by colour as well, and I get such a lot of satisfaction from doing it ... as I'm sure you do.

  4. Thank you for joining Five On Friday! I like your five phone pictures from the week idea. Your embroidery flosses look so lovely all reeled up and organised like that. Love the sign too, a great sentiment for your family in a fun way! I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  5. Love your order ing of embroidery floss ... looks so pretty in the box. Your 5 photos were great. I'm visiting from Five on Friday.

  6. The sign is wonderful! My embroidery threads are a big jumble - I like how you organized them all! xo Karen

  7. Hello! =) Food pictures are some of my favorites (I'm a totally foodie) and your snapshot of your husband's dinner looks like an amazing summer meal! And organized floss? Wow! My box never stays like that... as soon as there is order there is disorder as soon as a project is begun! Thank you so much for sharing! It has been so wonderful seeing what other people choose to list on their Five on Friday. =) Aloha.

  8. Sizzling and spicy summer fare enjoyed al fresco will soon be a lovely memory, so, glad you are enjoying these seasonal perks! A latte and Portuguese custard tart sure sounds perfect right now!


  9. Your hubby's dinner looks delicious, how great you're still BBQing! I don't think ours will see the light of day until next year now, it's gone decidedly chilly here! Love your organised threads, I think I might re-organise mine by colour, they are in DMC number order and tidy but they don't look pretty! Love love love Shaun the Sheep too :-) happy weekend to you Bronwyn xx

  10. I'm happy once things are sorted I'm just not happy while sorting said things out! I love that sign I would have bought it too xx

  11. Your bar-b-que food looks yummy! Yes, I am crazy about organizing things but I so seldom get at it! :-) School started here in Tucson a month ago! Can you believe that? It's crazy to me because it's still broiling hot. They get a fall break, Christmas break and spring break. To me it would make much more sense (here, anyway) for them to just get a Christmas break and start school in late September, and end in early May!

  12. Your hubby sure knows how to put together a tasty dinner, mine likes to BBQ as well.
    Don't you wish we had Hobby Lobby in Canada, or at least something competitive to Michael's?
    I order a lot of my card making supplies on-line from the U.S..

  13. Love it Bronwyn! You're such a Gal after my own heart!!
    I get excited when I get something organized too. ;) I want to see the Shaun the sheep movie badly and hopefully will soon. And I just love that sign (& Hobby Lobby too).

    Blessings to you my Dear! xoxo

  14. Lovely five! Its so nice to get dinner cooked, and it looks yum! Your organising must have been very satisfying. I love to be able to find things again! I love the sign, I would have gone for that too. Have a great week.


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