Sunday, September 27, 2015

Family Fun : An Evening at the Fall Fair

I grew up in a small town in an agricultural area of Canada. Although my parents were not farmers, both were brought up on farms and  knew and understood the "farming" life.  My hometown held an annual Fall Fair in celebration of all things rural and it was a big event for people of ages. Unfortunately, the fair in my hometown is no more and I was never able to take my own kids to see it.
Luckily, the town we live in now still has "rural roots" and it holds a Fall Fair every September, too. 
The weather was gorgeous this weekend, so  we headed out to spend some time at the fair. 
I LOVE the domestic animal building.  It always brings back memories of my Opa and Oma's farm.  The sheep in the top picture have their full wool coats.  The ones at the bottom had just "helped out" in a sheep-shearing demonstration!

I'd never met an alpaca before.  This girl was gentle and quiet and had fur as soft as a bunny.

Speaking of bunnies.....

One of the exhibit buildings had a variety of craft demonstrations.  This woman was a table-top loom weaver.  Here scarves were absolutely beautiful!

Bryn and Kevin enjoy our fancy supper!
After supper we enjoyed an exotic animal show.  We met a lemur named Julian. 
Then Julian introduced himself to Bryn!!

No! Lemurs and  kangaroos are not typical Canadian farm animals but it was pretty cool to be able to spend time with them up close!

The final event of the evening was the "Demolition Derby!" We spent two hours watching cars and mini-vans crash into each other, hoping for sparks and engine fires. Lots of noise and lots of smoke!

Afton's choice for her "Derby snack?"  A Beaver Tail - a Canadian specialty - deep-fried dough covered in a variety of sweet toppings. She opted for icing, chocolate syrup and Oreo cookie bits.  Yep.  It's as good as it sounds!!

Did these Fall Fair pictures bring any nostalgic feelings for you?  I hope so.  I definitely LOVED this day out with my family. 

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Here's to another great week!




  1. What a great way to spend the day, evoking lots of memories of shows that I have attended with my own family. The weaving looked amazing, I keep saying I would like to give it a try but never have. The beaver tail looked amazing, I have never heard of that before.

  2. Looks like a great day out. My kids would love it, especially the animals. I loved seeing that weaving, I did that at college. I have never woven since and my life's taken a completely different route.

  3. What a wonderful day out! I love being in the countryside for autumn, such a hive of activity. The beaver tail looks yummy :) And the animals look so cute x

  4. What a fun experience!! So funny that you got to interact with Kangaroos and lemurs at a farm in Canada! And that Beaver Tail tooks to die for!!


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