Friday, September 11, 2015

Five On Friday: 5 Photos from My Phone

Just a quick post because my sister is here from Costa Rica and is spending one last evening with us before she flies back early tomorrow morning.  She is currently reading my kids a story so I have about 10 minutes to pop in here and post 5 photos for Amy's Five On Friday on Love Made My Home.
Here we go!
Number One:  I'm going to Portugal! My two sisters and my mother and I are spending a week there next summer in celebration of my 40th birthday which happens in June 2016.  We are planning for early July and will spend a week checking out Lisbon and the surrounding area. 

Number Two:  I started a new crochet project. I hope to do a whole blog post on it very soon. This flower motif is the centre of each square and it features the most beautiful colours all chosen to remind me of a recent vacation.  More to come...

Number Three:  The new school year has begun!  All five of us returned to school (hubby and I are teachers) and the kids are in 2nd, 4th and 6th grades.  I can't believe how "big" they are.  Where did my babies go??

Number Four:  Another book finished.  I managed to read about one a week all summer.  Some books were "deeper" than others, but I tried to have an even mix of "literature" and "chick lit."  This book falls in the latter category and it was a lovely little story to round out my summer reading.

Number Five: You know who wasn't happy with all of us returning to school? 
 This guy. In fact I think he was kind of depressed. 
"Why does everyone keep leaving me?"
"You're not leaving again, are you?"
Poor little beagle.

Time to get back to my sister.  I  don't see her often enough and I probably won't see her again until Portugal. Something to look forward to I guess!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone,


  1. Children do grow up far too quickly, don't they? My oldest looks down on me and in some societies might be considered a fully grown man (at nearly 15). Your three look very happy. Enjoy the last few hours with your sister. x

  2. Hope you enjoyed your evening with your sister. Great to be going to Portugal next year with the family ladies. Great post for 10 minutes, wish I were that quick x

  3. A trip to Portugal to celebrate your fortieth sounds delightful. I like your book description of 'chick lit' I'll have to give this category a go as I usually read mysteries.

  4. How amazing to spend quality time with your sister and something planned to look forward to next year with her and more of your family, brilliant.

  5. Have a wonderful time in Portugal! Wish I could go! Love the crochet project...I've been drawn to pink lately. And the kids and the pup are all so cute!

  6. A nice holiday to look forward to while you go back to work. :-)

  7. Back to routines for everyone, poor puppy has to get used to being alone during the day. I"m retired from education and I've got to say I don't miss it at all anymore, so many things to do at home. Enjoy planning the Portugal trip.

  8. I hope that you have enjoyed a wonderful time with your sister!!! You will be able to spend the winter looking forward to your time together in the sun next year, what a treat that will be!!!! Looking forward to seeing more of your new crochet project! Thank you for joining Five On Friday! I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  9. So much fun going on in your corner! Having family visiting is wonderful. I hope you really enjoy your time! And your new crochet project is very exciting! But not as exciting as your trip! Enjoy! Aloha.

  10. I know how important and precious it is to be able to spend quality time with your family having lived an ocean and a continent apart for over 27 years! Hope you enjoyed the time with your sister, and may all of you returning to school have a great year!


  11. Oooh how exciting that you get to go to Portugal! I've never been before but I'd love to go some day! Your beagle is so cute <3 What's his name? I'm sure he'll get some quality nap time during the day and greet you guys with lots of excitement when everyone gets home from school ;)

  12. Oh how exciting! So fun to dream on those travel plans. Sounds like a perfect way to spend a birthday. ;)

    Your kiddos (& your beagle) are so adorable. It will be fun to see how your project progresses. Love the flower!

    Blessings to you. xoxo

  13. What a lovely post! Your dog is gorgeous, sad puppy eyes are irresistible! Hope all is going well with the new school term, your crochet project looks gorgeous. I am off to Lisbon in two weeks for a few days, very excited as well! x


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