Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer on the Deck

While shopping at a greenhouse the other day, I came across the perfect thing to give my hubby for his 38th birthday.
Kevin is always happiest when he is near water - on a dock, at a cottage on a lake or swimming in a pond.  
Unfortunately, we don't  own a home near any kind of water ( pool included) so he has live without the constant trickle or splash of water.

Until now.  
For his birthday I bought him all of the components to make his own deck top fountain.  

The kit came with a pump, a hose and several stackable rocks that had holes drilled in them to feed the hose through. I then chose and purchased a large pot  into which all of the elements went.  We put the pieces together, added water and plugged it in.

And - TA-DA
We had a water feature on our deck.  

While photographing the new fountain, I took a look around and saw that our whole deck area was looking particularly pretty as well.

So, of course, I took some pictures to share here!

Our seating area is made up of a four-piece outdoor furniture set from Home Depot. I've "prettied" it up with some flowery quilts and pillows.

When building our deck a few years back, my husband built a long bench over top of the window wells so that sunshine could still get into our basement. It's the perfect place to sit and decorate with pots and other pretty accessories. 

I read so many English blogs and magazines.  Everyone over there decorates their gardens with tons of fabric bunting.  I joined in on the trend with several lengths of home made pennants across the gazebo on our deck.

Aren't these cool?  My Aunt Mary made them for me.  They are simply a pair of old work boots filled with soil and planted with some succulents called "Hens and Chickens."  

Our dining set is many years old, but is still holding on well.  I'd like something with a little more character, but until then, I'll make the most of this set.

I've filled most of my pots on the deck with a mix of Impatiens in several shades of pink and white.  New this year I have added these lovely blue flowers.  I have no idea what they are called, but I will definitely use them again!

Thanks for visiting me on my deck.  I hope you found it comfortable and welcoming.  
We have been spending tons of time out here so far this summer.  

Before  I go,  I'd love to share a collage of pictures from Canada Day on June 1st.

We spent the holiday in my hometown with my mother and sisters.  We went on a nature walk, played at the park, lit sparklers and ate tons of yummy food.
Canada Day is always the best!!

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Have a wonderful week!

Hugs to all,



  1. Your deck looks FANTASTIC!!! Especially compared to your neighbors'! Ha!

  2. I love it Bronwyn! Your deck looks so beautiful and peaceful! Enjoy! Angie xo

  3. Wow!! Your deck looks amazing! You're right about the bunting - it's all the rage over here - I've made some out of oilcloth as the weather is usually quite wet but yours is really pretty. I also love those boots planted up - so cute! Hope you get to relax there a bit this week!! J9 x

  4. Hi Bronwyn, I always enjoy reading your blogs, your deck looks lovely, I think the little blue flowers are called Lobelia, I have them every year in my pots, they last all summer. Keep up the good work.

  5. Your deck is so pretty! I so want a dining set for our back patio so that we can eat dinner out there on mild evenings. Yours certainly seems like a nice place to hang out :)

  6. Your back deck looks so inviting! I love the water fountain.

  7. Hi Bronwyn,

    Your deck looks amazing! I love your star and bunting! I'd love to sit out there and eat a lovely summer dinner.

    Gemma xxx

  8. Your deck looks so pretty what a lovely place to sit and relax ~ Sarah x

  9. I love how you've gone to so much trouble to personalise your outdoor space and make it yours, so that it reflects your personality as much as I imagine the inside of your home does. Love your bunting and accessories, so colourful. x

  10. I love it - summertime evenings, outside, is one of my favorite times!

  11. Your deck is looking so pretty for summer. I love your new fountain, too!

  12. Looks lovely! Nice place to relax! I also have some boots on my deck ( rubber boots ) with lovely flowers in them! Enjoy your weekend! Hope it's sunny there, it's going to be a hot one here in Pitt Meadows B.C.
    Shirley Thorpe

  13. Yep, those little blue flowers (they also come in purple) are lobelia. I love them and put them in my pots every year. They do not like to get dried out though so take care. I love your deck with all the pots and the bunting. I swear we are neighbours as your backyard looks like views around here.

  14. Your deck looks so pretty and those boots are just awesome!


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