Sunday, July 28, 2013

Afton's Beautiful Bedroom Reveal

Yep. It's done.  I've been planning, gathering, painting and sewing since last fall, but today I can finally say it is done!

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.  

I think this is my favourite part:

This is Afton's favourite part:

I'll share how I made the pillow below later on in the week.

The chair is a $5 yard sale find that I hit with 2 cans of cream spray paint to cover the previous orange and purple paint!!

Afton's name has hung on her wall since we chose it 5 months before she was born ( that's almost 8 years ago!! )  They've been 3 different colours, but still are an important decoration in her room.

I let Afton choose her new light fixture.  I was sure she would pick a glittery jewel-covered chandelier. 
Instead she chose this lacy barrel shade from the Home Depot.   
It casts beautiful shadows!

This dresser has been pink for years.  No change here.  We like just as it is!

The rose picture below is from IKEA, the painting of Notre Dame is a junk store find, and the painting of the doorway was done by Afton herself.  

She has a lot of talent, doesn't she??

I am very pleased with this room.
So is Afton.  
It really is the kind of room I would have loved to have had when I was a little girl.  
Pink and blue and rosy all over!!

In fact, it's the kind of bedroom I'd like now- but I don't think dear sweet hubby would go for it!!

I'll admit that we are having a bit of trouble keeping it tidy, but each day we do a little spruce up in hopes to stay on top of the typical 7-year-old girl mess. 

Next project??

Big Brother Bryn's room.  His room has been basically the same since 2008 so it's time for some new elements.
We are thinking some kind of "explorer" theme.

What does that entail?

Just wait and see.......

Hugs to all,



  1. I just love your little Afton's room. It is sweet as can be! All the little details add up to make a big statement...:) Great job.....:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  2. I love it!!! That wall paper is gorgeous! Her room looks like the inside of a dollhouse- and I hope that sounds like a compliment, because I definitely mean it as one! Awesr job!

  3. That should say awesome job...

    And, I just saw that Afton painted the door painting. Incredible!! Very talented, indeed!

  4. Very talented daughter you have there and her room is adorable. My favorite is the $5.00 chair by the window with her name spelled out!

  5. What a delightful room - I can see you have worked hard on all the elements of the room - no wonder Afton is delighted, so would I be.

  6. Well I could certainly live in that room - it's absolutely beautiful! I love the dresser and as for Afton's picture - she certainly does have talent. We are currently sorting out Little Sis's room and as she is about to hit sixteen (how did that happen?)she's decided on a minimalist vibe - all white with one black wall - GULP - way out of my comfort zone there. Of course we have explained to her that minimalist does necessitate some form of tidiness but I can't see that lasting for long! Well done - I bet Bryn can't wait for his makeover x Jane

  7. I love love love this room! The wallpaper and all the little touches are gorgeous! The light fixture is perfect!

  8. How I would love my little girl (13?) to go back to a beautifully feminine room like this. She has gone for the 'plaster as many posters as you can on the wall' look! I wouldn't mind but the bands she follows scare the hell out of me! Enjoy this while it lasts as the dresser could soon be painted!! xx

  9. Oooo I've been waiting for this!! It looks gorgeous and is so much how I would have liked my bedroom to be!! Afton has great taste like her Mum!! My little lady would sadly never let me floral her room ;0) We may well be doing our boys rooms at the same time too!! J9 x

  10. It's gorgeous, Bronwyn. I would love a room like this for myself. My daughter is four and still has a little-girl room, but when she's around seven or eight, I plan to do it over in a more cottage/shabby style like this. It's just so pretty and feminine, I really love it.

  11. Oh! This is so so so so so cute...did I say so cute? Ha! I love this room and would love if you would link up with Give Me The Goods {1 party-5 blogs} going on NOW!

    Amber@ Dimples & Pig Tales

  12. Wow what a beautiful room. Your attention to detail is amazing.
    Ali x

  13. Oh wow, it's gorgeous Bronwyn. You've done Afton proud. It's just the right amount of pink and the little homemade touches are so nice. That pink dresser is really gorgeous and I love Afton's painting - she's very good! x

  14. This is so beautiful! I love the wallpaper. Did you make the paper flowers yourself? If so, do you have a tutorial on how to!? :) Love it! X

  15. Absolutely beautiful! My favorite part is your favorite part. Where did you get the panels over the bed?

  16. so so pretty! so many beautiful details ... and that light! gotta take a trip to HD now :) great work girl! ♥

  17. Awesome Bronwyn! So pretty - you did such a beautiful job on this room and I bet she is thrilled. That door painting is awesome - she must have some of her Mom's creative talent!!

  18. How pretty!!! :D I would be glad if you permit me to repost this post on my blog (of course with credits (: )

  19. Beautiful! The perfect room for a girl! I love it. Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays. x


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