Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vintage Style Powder Room Makeover

The other night I was thinking about the early days of our home ownership when it was just hubby and me.  Back then, if I wanted something done around the house, I'd get it finished in no time at all.  Paint a room - done in a day.  New curtains?  Fabric bought, sewn and hung in one afternoon.   

But here I am - in the 11th year of owning a home.  
And now, if I want to do any kind of project around the house IT TAKES WEEKS!!  
What is slowing me down?  Let's see - 3 kids, a full-time job, homework, piano lessons, swimming lessons, lunch-making, laundry, shoe-shopping ( no- not for me!), etc., etc.

This powder room project was no exception.  In an earlier post I shared the BEFORE pictures of our well-worn, yellow powder room.  

And then I was pleased to show you all the work hubby and I did one weekend over the Christmas holidays including painting the walls and installing board and batten wainscotting.  

And now, nearly a month later, I have completed the decor on our cute little powder room.  

To begin, this is how our vintage medicine cabinet looked BEFORE:

DURING:  (I bought this lovely "vintage-y" floral fabric in Salisbury this past summer while hubby and I were on a trip to the UK.  It has a Cath Kidston vibe and I adore it!)

(PUH-retty, don't ya think??)

Hubby also added "plumber" to his list of DIY skills and changed this old builder faucet into. . . . .

. . . this cute "old school" faucet.  

On the blank, main wall that you see as you enter the room, I hung this long shelf that I have had for years. 
 On it went a collection of a few of my favourite things.

The rose painting is a "paint by number" that I grabbed for $2 at  Goodwill. 
 The lacey frame came from Michaels and was a steal during their after-Christmas sales.  
The blue and white Delft jars belonged to my Oma and Opa.  My mother recently passed them on to me!

This bunch of flowers may not be real, but they add a touch of nature to room with no window or sunlight!

This green and white plate was FREE from a lady who was closing here vintage store in my hometown. 
 The plate has a small crack so she felt she couldn't charge me for it.  Personally, I would have charged extra for the crack - a little character and an aged feel.   : )

Everyone who has seen our re-newed powder room loves the new look.  I am so pleased with the paint colour and the wainscotting as well as the little details like the new faucet.

It's nice to have a room completely done.  I have also been working on the kids' bathroom on the second floor of our house.  It nears completion and I am looking forward to sharing it with you, too!

Hugs to you and yours and thanks for visiting!




  1. What a beautiful makeover Bronwyn! I love the wall colour and the board and batten too. That Cath Kidston inspired fabric is fabulous. And I love the rose painting you picked up at Goodwill. Gorgeous! Have a lovely week! Angie xo

  2. It is lovely - such pretty vintage treasures deserve to be seen and add a great vibe to the room.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Yes, I love that makeover!! So pretty.

  4. I really like that floral fabric! So vintage! :)

  5. Your bathroom looks amazing! So beautiful!

  6. What a beautiful bathroom! I love what you did with the medicine cabinet. I'm visiting you through the Grow Your Blog Hop. Happy to be a new follower. Megan

  7. So pretty. Love the new wood work and that gray color is spectacular. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Love the new faucet... That's along the lines of what I want for our bathroom when we renovate this summer. Also, love how much you updated the medicine cabinet by just changing the fabric! (And I love that cabinet too.) Great job!

  9. Everything looks better with Cath Kidston-inspired fabric, doesn't it! Your end result is lovely. I hope my guest bath turns out as well this summer.

  10. Loving your makeover...the fabric, the shelf, the faucet. It all looks great. I take forever to get anything done and I'm not working outside the home right now and I don't have little ones running around anymore!


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