Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Afton's Quilted Hexagon Piano Bag

Happy Mid-week everyone!  
Just a quick post today because hubby REALLY wants to watch the season premiere of Bones that we PVR-ed last night.  

You might remember, a few months back, I sewed this pencil case to hold all of  my daughter's grade one necessities.  

She was pretty giddy about it!

Now Afton has begun taking piano lessons (she loves them - and practises non-stop!!) so I thought maybe she needed a matching piano book bag to carry all of her songbooks back and forth to her lessons.  

I had many of squares of fabric left from the charm pack she had chosen for her pencil case so I put them to use to make her a hexagon-patched zippered bag.  

Who doesn't love a little hexagon stitching??

And here they are -- all hand-stitched together:

I love the mix of pink, red, turquoise, lime and yellow!

For the border on the front of the bag, I chose a simple lime and white print.

As usual, I machine-stitched the quilting.  I'd love to have the time to hand-stitch the quilting, but I am always on a deadline and in search of some instant gratification.  Machine quilting helps me with both!

For a little extra detail, I let Afton chose some pretty little buttons from my stash to add to the front of the bag:

Oh! And wasn't her heart a-flutter when I emerged from my sewing cave with this darling bag in hand!!

And Afton, always sensitive to the needs of others, asked right away when I was going to make a bag for her big brother, Bryn.  

After all - she had already picked out the Star Wars fabric for him.
"You'd better get started, Mom. Otherwise, Bryn will be really bummed!!"

Oh -- from the mouths of babes.....

See you soon,



  1. A beautiful patchwork bag, with stunning colours.

  2. Love her Sweet concern for her big brother, and the bag is sweet as can be!

  3. This is so, so lovely! Quilting is on my to-do list. I discovered your lovely blog via the link-up at Sugar and Dots...I look forward to reading more!

  4. This is such a terrific project Bronwyn! Your little sweetie is adorable and she looks so happy that Mom has made a special bag for her! I love the beautiful colours that you used! Angie xo

  5. Cute bag! I like the fabrics and the buttons!

    T'onna @ Submarine Sunday

  6. The trimmings really make this so cute! I wish I could sew... :)

  7. I LOVE it!! SO cute!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. What a lovely bag. I'm sewing hexagons too!
    Come check out my blog

  9. That is beautiful! I love the pattern and fabric choices and your daughter looks thrilled! :)
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  10. VERY nice....I just tried my hand at a few hexies the other day and they are a bit time consuming! Love the cheery mix of colors! :


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