Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our Bathroom Pixie

I purchased this patchwork book many months ago in hopes in finding a few Christmas projects to make that would improve my sewing/quilting skills.  I ordered it online - which was risky - I didn't know what I might find in it.  But when it arrived, I was happy to find several little patchwork projects that were perfect for my stitching level and beyond.  

During my first flip through the pages, I came across these darling stuffed elves and knew I wanted to make one. 
 I quickly decided against making mine a "Christmas Elf" simply because I wanted to stay in our home even after the holiday season.  

I've been very drawn to red and turquoise lately so I grabbed some pretty fabrics from my stash in these shades and began piecing her body parts together.

Look at that sweet little face!! This has got to be my favourite part of her.  I chose to make her a little red-head --- a hair shade I always wished I had!!

Isn't she sweet?
I'll admit - I had a lot of trouble sewing the  body together once her arms and legs were attached, but I don't think anyone can tell, even close-up!!

Though we haven't named her, she has become a favourite of the kids.  She has become our little "Bathroom Pixie," watching closely  to see that the kids have brushed their teeth and washed their hands with soap and water. 
 She is, I guess,  a bathroom "Elf on a Shelf. " 


  1. How adorable! She is just the sweetest thing! She would also make a great gift for a little girl! You are so talented Bronwyn! Angie

  2. Adorable idea! I just love the colors & prints and it goes so nicely with the heart mosaic!

  3. She is very cute!!!!That must have been really time consuming and you did a gorgeous job!

  4. She is so cute and you did a great job of making her. I can see why your kids like her!

  5. Super cute! What a great watcher.

  6. Thank you so much for your comment on my Paper Heart tutorial. Thought I'd float over here and take a peek at your blog - and what a blog! These ideas are going to keep me going for a fair time - and this elf on a shelf is definitely near the top of the list. Adorable x

  7. She is adorable. I struggle with sewing but you've done a wonderful job whether you struggled with her arms / legs or not. So cute!!!

  8. She's adorable! And what a great idea to put her in the bathroom. :)

  9. So adorable! I'd have one for my craft room to guard all my goodies.

  10. Oh, wow, I felt in love, what a cutie!! So sweet ♥


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