Friday, June 15, 2012

Just a Bit More Pink....

Hey all!   It's Friday!  It's been along week (and I am SO ready for summer vacation!).  Two more weeks to go - then the free'n'easy summer will be upon us! 

Just a little something to share today.  

This is how my shelving unit in my living room looked for early spring and Easter.
 Eggs, bunnies and birdies.  Cute but not really up-to-date.  So time for a good dusting and a re-vamp.

I stuck with a pastel palette but added in a lot more feminine details - and more pink!

I can't get enough of this bowl of fake hydrangeas.  I wish I had bought both bowl- fuls at the store!  My father-in-law bought this turquoise glass wasp-catching for me. Too early for wasps - but perfect decor in the meantime!

See my "new" vintage plate?  Pink roses- my fave!

And my favourite magazine, stacked in a basket ready at anytime for a quick read.....

This vintage tray is a recent purchase too. I love the ruffly edges and the purple violets.

It wasn't until I was creating these vignettes that I realized I had it's matching jug (bought ages ago!) in my collection, too.  Cool eh?

For another  zap of pink, I added some silk primroses into  bunny baby mugs - one from my childhood and one belonging to my daughter.

And here is the whole view, dusted, primped and positioned:

Nice and refreshed, just what it needed!

Now before I go, I'd love to share some pics from Bryn and Afton's tap dance recital that took place 2 nights ago.  Both looked pretty "jazzy" in their sparkly top hats and shiny tap shoes. 

Look at my little girl! Done up in mascara, eyeliner, blush, lipstick and sparkly eye shadow.  Talk about making my heart leap.  With all of that makeup on I could see into the future - my beautiful 16 year old daughter made up and smiling, ready for a date - or even the prom!!
Be still my heart.  You've got 10 years before that.  Lots of time to enjoy your LITTLE girl.

And my biggest boy?  It was such a joy to see him tap, slide and shuffle with sheer exhilaration on his face.  Dear Bryn - you have come a long way from that brain tumour  that controlled your body for so long.  Once again you have shown that you are truly amazing!

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  1. Beautiful photos and even more beautiful little tap dancers!


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