Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Green is My Garden

Oh so much rain lately!  Though it's hard for the kids - they don't get outside as much as they would like ( and I would like!), the constant downpours have brought the garden ALIVE!!

Between the showers this weekend, I managed to work through all of my perennial beds, trimming, edging and weeding.  

Littlest man got in the action, too.  
Who needs a hoe when you've got a front-end  loader??

Wherever I go, my camera isn't fair behind.  So, even as I dug through my gardens, I took some of prettiest things in our yard this week.

Pink:   2 types of peonies given to me by my hubby for Mother's Day, an annual in my newest hanging baskets and my lovely pink lupin (this plant has never bloomed before!!)

 Purple and White:  Petunias, stawberry blossoms and my gigantic purple lupin

And Some Green: English ivy gradually making its way up our fence, my new Welcome sign, Froggy's little birdbath with my palest clematis in behind and a row of hostas, sedum and shasta daisies

I took a run across the border to the outlet mall near Buffalo one day last week. I had tons of things on my list that I wanted to find at Target and Big K (we don't have those stores here in Canada).  Luckily I was able to scratch "doormat" off of my list.  In fact - I came home with 2!!  After all I have a front door and a back door!  

This is the lovely natural-fibred one on the deck out  back:

And you are WELCOME anytime!  Drop back to my little part of blogland soon!


  1. Your gardens are beautiful, Bronwyn! What a difference a week made with all the rain! I have a good feeling about this year's flowers!

    I am not familiar with lupins but they look so pretty and your peonies are gorgeous! I couldn't believe that with the size of my Peony, I only had one measly bloom. Still waiting to find out the fate of my Siberian Irises after a wicked hailstorm last year.

    Your little helper is adorable ;)

  2. Wow - what a beautiful garden! I have a great colloection of Peonies as well but am not enjoying them as much as usual due to all the rain! argghhh I'll just look at your pictures....
    home sweet nest


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