Saturday, June 9, 2012

Going Up and Digging In

My sister-in-law, Amy, works for Toronto's "Worldwide Short Film Festival."  Today they were holding an event called "shorts for Shorties" - an hour-long presentation of kids mini-movies  in the theatre at the base of this: 

If you don't recognize it, this is Canada's tallest building ( & the tallest free-standing structure in the Western hemisphere) - the CN Tower.  I hadn't been to visit it since I was young and the kids were so excited to check it out today.
Before going into the theatre we hung out with this "Inukshuk." 

After the watching the short films from around the world (they were all so good!), we jumped on an elevator and traveled the 61 meters up to the observation deck.
Here is the view west from the tower:

And the view to the South:

After lunch in a nearby sports pub, everyone (even ME!) napped in the car, exhausted from the morning's excitement.

Once home and refreshed, the kids settled into a movie and I got crafting!

Recently in this issue of my favourite magazine

I came across this picture:

Thinking of my recently planted garden, I thought, "I need those!"  

And, "I can MAKE those!"

We had a fair bit of wood left in our garage from a recent project so I asked handsome hubby to cut some of the thinnest pieces of wood into stake shapes.  

After sanding them down, I painted each stake a different colour.  Then I used some 1" stencils and black paint to add the lettering:

I sanded the edges and the lettering a little bit to add an "aged" feel.  It also made the stencilling "slip-ups" a little less noticeable!  : )

And here they are in "action."  We've had tons of rain mixed in with lots of full-out sunshine in the last week. All of the seeds we planted less than 10 days ago have already popped up in leaves and stems.  I love going and checking them each and every day.  

Today's garden excitement?  15 strawberries -ripe and ready to pick for snack this afternoon.  Oh yeah! They were the best we had ever tasted!


  1. Wow! You were a busy bee today Bronwyn! Love your garden stakes...they would also make a great gift for a gardening friend! We were at the CN Tower a few years ago, but the lineup was too long to go to the top so we skipped it! Happy Sunday! Angie xo

  2. I was just about to say the same thing as Angie! Busy day! I have only been up the CN Tower once and it was quite the experience. So nice that you live close enough to make day trips like this :)

    The garden stakes are very cute and made all the better with your distressing. I've been known to fix my stencil slip-ups with a sander, too ;) It was tricky to paint the sign for my Dad where I couldn't fall back on sanding!

    If you accomplished all this today, what on earth will you do tomorrow? (I hope you're not stuck writing report cards!)

  3. Amazing pictures what a fascinating place and i love your little name tags ,well done you xx

  4. Your gardening sticks are so cute! And fresh strawberries... my favorite!
    Laurie :)

  5. Love these!! New follower of your blog! Please come and visit me at too! Have a great day!

  6. Wow these are such a cute, cheap way to do garden markers! Love it!

  7. I love your garden stakes! I was just telling someone today that I never expected to love gardening as much as I do. I love checking on it every day, too!!

  8. These are so cute. I love the colors on them :)

  9. Love these so much I'm going to make some too :)

  10. Def. on my list of things to accomplish next year when we put in a garden!! :)

  11. Those are adorable. I made some only I took wooden spoons, painted them and painted the name on them.....thanks for sharing.


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