Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spooky Snacks for My Little Monsters

Although my little ones love a good little chocolate chip cookie, I just can't bring myself to make them every single week. I am constantly on the lookout for something sweet, tasty - and NEW- to serve them.

A recent trip to the bulk food store inspired me to make this:
Oh yeah! Look at all of that sweet delight! And the kids - they died and went to heaven! Can you see all the stuff I added?

Popcorn (cooled first so that it didn't melt the chocolate elements)
Pretzel twists
Multigrain Cheerios
Candy Corn
Reese's Pieces
Mallow Pumpkins
Ghost-shaped marshmallows
Chocolate chips
Mini gingerbread cookies
&kull-shaped hard candies


I had to limit the 3 kids (and my husband!) to two small bowls at a time so that the mix lasted more than a day or two! My oldest is already asking when I'll make it again. Maybe next week. Maybe not until December when I can switch fall goodies to Christmas ones. Ooh! I am already excited!!

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  1. Mmm! This is such a great idea!! My kids would love it!!


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