Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Afton - Gardener and Star Soccer Player

I do scrap about my boys - honest I do! But truth be told - I love all things girly and often it is easiest (and just more enjoyable!) to go all out on an "Afton" page!

Afton and I planted sunflower seeds in our garden back in May. We had placed them along the edge of our garden hoping for a colourful show that everyone could see as soon as they walked into our fenced backyard.

Our mini sunflowers did burst forth in lovely colour, but nearly got swallowed up by the huge pole beans right beside.

Luckily the yellow of our blooms was so instense that they easily shone through the tangle of green vines. Afton was so pleased with the results of her "garden" this summer that we plan on giving her a plot of her own to tend come next year.

I have had this "Tuscan"paper from BoBunny FOREVER. I was so glad to be able to incorporate it into a sunny layout for my daughter.

Our Afton -not only can she garden- she is a star soccer player too!
This year she was on Team England and her pink and black cleats raced her up and down the field every Tuesday evening.
(Of course - girly as she is, she wore red hair bows every week to the game. I love how in the third picture her curls show the force and might behind that kick of hers!)

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