Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Spooky Home...

Well actually, I kept the Hallowe'en decor to a minimum this year. Just a few touches here and there. In fact, I just changed up my autumn decor a little bit by adding Jacks, and Cats and witches!

This is wreath that usually hangs on our closet door. Only now it's a little more spooky!

Here I just added a few Hallowe'en sticks to my pot of Chinese lanterns and traded my "Be Grateful" sign to "Happy Hallowe'en."

My mother gave me these witch-parts way back before I was married. I LOVE getting them out each year and turning a plain-old pumpkin into one darling witch!

This sign makes me giggle very time I see it. I bought it at a craft a show last year and it might be my most favourite Hallowe'en decoration!

I'll be back with a few outdoor pics in the next day or two. We have a whole pumpkin patch of pumpkins out there!!

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  1. do you want to come over and decorate my place?


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