Thursday, October 20, 2011


Once again in August we used our season's passes (given to us by the Brain Tumour Foundation - gosh! we love thsoe guys!) and headed back to Marineland.This time the belugas and the orcas were out and about and ready to put on an unscheduled show!PhotobucketThe belugas were the best! They bobbed up and down and played peek-a-boo with the kids on the edge of their large holding pool. They seemed to get so much enjoyment out of popping up and surprising all the kids nearby. Such performers!Afton thought this "show" was just amazing until one of the belugas emerged quickly right in front of her and then quickly splashed back into the water. She was DRENCHED and she did not like it!! (See photo below!)PhotobucketWe hadn't seen the orcas be as active as they were that day either. We spent at least a half an hour watching them travel back and forth in their big tank. They nuzzled each other and scratched their backs on the big rocks at the bottom of the tank.Of course, Bryn, being a boy, had to ask, "Where do the whales poop?"And almost on cue, orca whale #1 let it rip. Bryn and his siblings got a first hand view of how the whale digestive system works. Ewwwww....PhotobucketAfton insisted I add these fishies to my layout. I guess they are pretty cute!Photobucket

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