Monday, September 12, 2011


I have spent way too much time on Pinterest lately. I have found so many project ideas that I want to try, yet there is only so much time in my day!!

I have come across many ways to "up-cycle" t-shirts and one of my faves is to use fabric yo-yos.

I recently found this t-shirt in my daughter's size at a local children's consignment store for a whopping $1.00. It's Old Navy and has the cutest elbow-length sleeves!

I dug out my sewing stash and got to work.

Ooh! Which pretty red buttons should I use????

I created my yo-yos using this tutorial:

I stacked my yo-yos and buttons in various combinations until I found the look I liked the best.
Then with the whoosh of my needle and thread, I attached the "flowers" to the t-shirt. I stitched them many more times than I would normally, just to be sure that everything stayed attached when I laundered the shirt.

What do you think?

My daughter loved it - she wore it the next day (and the day after that!)

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