Monday, September 12, 2011

Last Visit to the Beach- 2011

My mother lives close to Lake Huron - it's only about a 15 minute drive from her home.

As a child, my mother and father would take my sisters and I to the beach at Grand Bend weekly. It was a cheap outing that we loved - and we were guaranteed to sleep well at night!

Now that I am a mommy too, I like to take my children to this beach. It's clean and clear and the waves are rarely higher than the kid's knees.

These pics are from our last trip to the beach, Labour Day weekend.

(Those are my toes.)

And Camden. What a monkey! He loves the water, but often we have to remind him not to be too brave!!

Here he is on "Beach Timeout." Yep. You can be timed-out here too. Especially if you throw rocks at your sister!

And Afton Clare. She spent the whole summer in this bikini. I hope she always feels confident enough in her body to wear one. Lovely.

And my Bryn. So healthy and exuberant. It's hard to believe there was a time in early 2011 we could have lost him. Thank heavens.

Afton is already asking which month in 2012 we can go back to the beach.

Hold your horses little lady! We've got lots to do before then!!

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  1. I still love to go to the beach with my guys. Such great memories.


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