Friday, September 23, 2011

A Little Autumn Nesting Around Our Home

Autumn arrived today at 5:30 in the morning. It was nice to not be awake then. The last 5 days I HAVE been awake then, re-tucking my toddler back into his bed because he kicks off his blankets as he sleeps and gets too cold to sleep. Another sign of Fall, I guess.

I love Autumn. I love the colours, the coziness of sweaters, the return of flannel blankets, apple cider and the pumpkin patch.

In the last week, I've added some "Autumn" to our home - mostly in the living and dining rooms.

Colourful corn, cones from a nearby pine tree and, of course, some colourful foliage.

Do you like my runner? I made it. Out of burlap from the Home Depot. Classy, eh? Yet oh so pretty. I love the rustic texture it gives.

I added a ruffle near the edge, to finish it off. I made the ruffle out of a cream coloured sheet I bought at the Goodwill Store.

These are some of my hubby's favourite books. I pulled them off of the shelf and added them to the top of this little cabinet. This is where he unloads his pockets everyday when he gets home, so I thought maybe they would make him happy here.

How about the dining table? Perfect place for a little tablescape.

I stitched this sign last Thanksgiving and added it to a frame that I decoupaged with a mix of Autumn scrapbooking papers. The acorns are from Pier 1. I bought them the year we were married - 2002!
The pumpkin tree was new last year too. Each pumpkin is a votive holder. I have been lighting them every evening this past week. So pretty!
I bought these artificial Chinese lanterns at a nearby farm store. I just love them! so delicate!
Thanks for looking!

Happy first day of Autumn to you!


  1. Awesome job, Bronwyn. Now you can come and decorate my house!

  2. these decorations are gorgeous. I think I need to see what I can do around here.


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