Sunday, September 18, 2011

Afton and I Make a Burlap Wreath

Afton is always looking to do something crafty on the weekends. Sometimes she joins me in the scrapbooking room and cuts and pastes while I make a layout. Other times, she takes a few flowers from the garden and puts together her own arrangement for her bedroom while I make a centrepiece for the kitchen table.

I recently refreshed our front entryway by painting our door a wonderful shade of dark blue. My hubby also hung a gorgeous black metal post box on the wall nearby. Our new spruced up area needed a new fall wreath to go with. When I mentioned my plans to Afton, she was all over it - "Can I help you, Mommy?"

We searched pinterest for some wreath ideas and decided at last to create a rustic, yet charming burlap wreath decorated with autumn silk flowers.

A quick visit to the Home Depot gave us a huge sheet of burlap meant for wrapping trees for the winter for the huge price of $4.99! Then off to Michaels for a wreath form.

And the crafting began!!

We began by cutting long 6-inch wide strips of burlap. Our fabric was quite see-through so we doubled to make it much more opaque. I allowed Afton to use the hot glue-gun for the first time (supervised of course!) and she applied the glue onto the foam so that we could add the folded and pleated burlap to the form.

We continued around the wreath form, being careful to overlap each piece of burlap on top of the previous.
I burnt my hands only about 27 times and then we were done! Now to add the pretty details.

I liked how the wreath looked here, but I wasn't sure if there was enough visual weight with these few flowers. So we glued on a few more:

Aahh! Perfect! Afton was so proud of our little project. Now, of course, she wants to make one with pink flowers for her bedroom door!


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