Wednesday, September 11, 2013

End of Summer Sewing for Camden

This is me 1 week before our youngest, Camden, was born.
And this is how the nursery was decorated for his arrival.
Green and yellow and gender-neutral for the surprise baby that was set to arrive any day.

This is Camden now.
He's not so little anymore.
In fact - he'll be 5 years old very, very soon.

As you can probably guess, we decided it was time to start changing some elements of his bedroom so that it looked a little more "big boy" and a little less like his original nursery.

Because he has many more opinions about decor  now that he did when he was an infant, I took him along to the fabric store and let him choose some fabrics to use in his bedroom update.  

I urged him to choose something fun, with a a bit of pattern that would work well with his warm yellow walls.

This is what he chose:

Not bad, eh??
He loved the colour, I like the "celtic knot" style print.

First order of business - whipping up a new valance for the one window in the room.
Down came the green and yellow plaid . . . 

. . . and up went the new blue-trimmed orange and white.

While shopping for fabrics, we also chose some cute "boyish" fabrics that tied in with the rest of the colour scheme - blue, green, yellow and orange. 

Using these prints, I put together a "Tree and Owl" patchwork pillow, 

 a "Forest Trees" pillow,

. . . and a monogram pillow featuring Camden's favourite letter, "C."

All three top off Camden's top bunk bed perfectly.
And do you see that polar Bear Teddy snuggled in with the pillows?
If you look carefully you'll see that he is in all of the nursery pictures, too.  

He has sat proudly on Cam's bed since before he was born.
And to this day, Camden still insists that he rests there. His bedroom wouldn't be complete without him.

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  1. Well done Bronwyn on another makeover. This looks great for Camden. I especially love the owl fabric, this is really in at the moment. I bet he can't keep out of his room now xx

  2. Cute pillows! I really like the Tree & Owl pillow!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  3. That is an awesome print - good choice Camden!! Love the alphabet cards too:)

  4. Adorable ideas for a very grown up big boy!

  5. love those pops of color and that orange valence is spectacular! Thanks for sharing on BeColorful.


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