Sunday, August 11, 2013

Our Home - For Real

 We recently had a few friends over for a summer BBQ.
I spent  the day prepping food and weeding the garden. I also gave our home a good cleaning -  decluttering, dusting, tidying and "pretty-ing."

By the time our guests were set to arrive, I took a good look at our home.  
It wasn't perfectly staged - it looked lived in - but it looked nice.  Full of colour and personal touches. 
I took some photos to capture our home as it is - a place of warmth and home-y details.

Here is a wide shot of our family room.  It's where we watch TV and practise the piano.  

We cozy up and read stories on this Ikea couch.  

I made the pillows and afghan and my children put together the 3D puzzle of Notre Dame. 
 And the daisies?? From my garden.  

Across the other side of the room  sits a second-hand easy chair where I do all my knitting.  
Above that is the large mirror that was given to us by our neighbours on our wedding day 11 years ago.  
The dresser has moved homes with us several times - it was my sister's growing up.  

Now to the front of the house - and into our living and dining room.  
I love our small electric fireplace and mantel.  I change its decor on a regular basis.  

This half-wall is right at our front door and sports a welcoming sign.  

This bookshelf changes on a regular basis too.  I love the shots of pastel colour I have on it for the summer season (though it won't be long until we change to autumn!)

And here is the dining room.  It takes up one end of this mid-sized room.  We usually have it set up with seating for 4, but it does stretch out to seat six on special occasions.  

I hope you enjoyed my little house tour.  
We do love our home.

I am glad I captured our house on this particular day.  It never  stays the same for very long !  
In fact, tomorrow I am beginning a large re-painting project in which the whole main floor (except the powder room) will get a new coat of paint.  
And the furniture?  It's getting a real shake-up, too.

There are going to be big changes around here in the next month or two, all in the hopes that we can use the space we have more effectively.

I have a list of things to do that is 5 feet long and I hope to get through most of it before Thanksgiving.

I'll share a few of plans in the next few weeks.

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  1. Warm, cozy, lovely space Bronwyn! Super curious about your changes coming soon... Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve!

  2. What a lovely home you have! Love your wall colors and the way that you weave plants, flowers and colors into your decor. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  3. Adorable!! I need to hire you to come decorate our place.


  4. Beautiful Bronwyn.....and I can't wait to see your plans for changes! In the meantime enjoy xx

  5. Your house is gorgeous. You have added so many wonderful touches to it.

  6. Thanks for the tour. I love seeing a home that looks like a home & not a house staged for a photo-shoot. Your home looks very inviting.

  7. You have a beautiful home and I love your personal touches. I love the way you change this with the seasons. I, like you, have a huge list and am now converting it to a spreadsheet with the intention of printing it off and putting it on a notice board so that hubby knows what HE has to do each week :-) Well, I can but try! Have a great week. x

  8. Your home is really pretty - so many little touches and details really show the love you put into it. Your family room looks very cosy. x

  9. Your home is lovely and I especially like how you added a creative touch with your pillows. Hoping you are enjoying these last few weeks of summer.

  10. What a lovely "real" home - thanks for sharing!

  11. One of my dearest friends is a professional artist an interior decorator. Her home is "perfect", but it does not look like anyone lives there. Nothing is ever out of place. When you visit, you feel like you can't touch anything.

    Your home is very welcoming.

  12. Love your home! It's like a 'Hello' magazine article.

  13. Yes, you are right. Homey and inviting indeed. My favorite pic is the fireplace with the shutters and empty frames. Inspired and motivating. Thanks for sharing on Motivated Monday at BeColorful

  14. I love the look of your family room. It was styled to perfection! What you did there simply shows how good it is to redecorate a room from time to time. It's nice to see your room look different from the previous setting, isn't it? The welcoming sign was the best feature for me. People will definitely feel your warm welcome once they see it!

    Phillip Kothrade @ JPC Custom Home


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