Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Camden's Photo Wall

Happy Wednesday!  Things are finally settling in here - everyone is happily back to school and back into a routine!!  (Cue the choir of angels!)

Our oldest has begun grade 3 and is loving being back at school with his friends.  

Our daughter, in grade 1,  adores her teacher and is already wondering how long til they visit the school library and get started on "harder books."

And Camden, our "baby," has begun kindergarten - all day, every day.  He loves it, but boy is he tired!  Not just "need a nap" tired, but full-out, way-past-tired-into-the-exhaustion phase  TIRED.  Poor Little Dude.  He crashes into bed right after supper, and wakes up the next morning still a little under slept.  Hopefully his little body will get used to it fast .....or this is going to be a long year!

I tried to get the perfect "First Day of School" photo, but to no avail.  
Bryn is doing his "Chandler" smile, Afton is faking a smile because she was mad at me for making her wear a jacket and Camden refused to put down his breakfast long enough for the photo op.  Oh well.  I guess the pictures go into the scrapbook as is.  

Reality Check 2012.

I decided this past weekend that a new school year would mean new decor in Camden`s room. 
It has been decorated the same way since he was born - except that the crib has turned into a big boy bunk bed!

It was time to change this cutesy little wall vignette into something a little more "big boy."

The wall decals, as cute as they are (were), had to go.  Cam`s still a big fan of forest animals but he prefers them a little more REAL and a little less cartoon-ish.

In the before pic, you might have seen these framed pictures of an earlier Camden - maternity pictures of me at 35 weeks and he and I at 2 months.  I treasure these photos and really wanted to include them in the new wall arrangement.  

AND...... I wanted to add in a few more - all three kids together shortly after Cams' birth, a recent photo of Cam  and........

....this awesome "Camden NJ" postcard I bought from Etsy.

I framed everything up in brown/wood tone picture frames, arranged them in a pleasing manner on the floor and then applied them to the wall.  

After a little "shopping" around the house, I found a collection of objects perfect to finish off a vignette on the dresser below.  

This suitcase used to reside in big brother's bedroom, but I really like how it's golden tones and brown trim echo the frame colour.
The fern is fake, but it  adds a little taste of "nature."

Camden received these piggy banks on his Baptism Day.  He takes great joy in adding into them every penny he finds or is given.

And this little church ( Homesense deal a few years back) works wonderfully into the scene and echoes the colour that can be found throughout his room.  

Ah yes.  There we go.  Fresh, tidy, nostalgic and "grown-up."  Just what Camden the "School-Aged" boy needed.  


  1. How sweet! Your family is just precious. Love how you captured their actual first day of school moments. That is a true memory maker. Love it!

  2. So very grown up for your little big guy!!

  3. Love the photo wall. Who doesn't like to look at photos of them self? Good job, your kids are darling. Enjoy, enjoy as they grow up so fast!

  4. I'm glad the school year started so well for you. I love the decorating you did too!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting me at my Christmas blog. It's lovely to meet you and I look forward to following you too!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  5. Looks the pixs of the kids first day of school! Good job!!

  6. Super cute kiddos! They all look so happy! And I love your photo did such a great job! Angie xo


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