Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Few More Festive Flourishes I stopped.
Cold turkey.
Today the decorating ended.  Today I hung my last sprig of greenery and created my last festive vignette. 

I adore adorning our home for the festive season and I have a huge collection of items that I like to display each year.
However, I decided, with just under 2 weeks until the big day, that it was time to put the half-filled bins back in the basement and just enjoy the bits and bobs that I have already added to our home.

I circled the house with my camera in hand a captured a few shots of my favourite parts. 
I hope you'll enjoy a little gander at our little piece of Christmas Land. 

This little dude turned 7 today!  I cannot believe my baby is 7!!

I'm not usually a "glitter girl," but I seem to make allowances at Christmas!!

I made a set of these quilted ornaments (below) back when I was in high school.  I remember thinking, "I hope some day I get to watch my own children hang these on our family's Christmas tree." 
And, still, annually, I am blown away by the fact that I do have a family of my own and we enjoy trimming the tree each and every year. 

I have 2 more small hoops to add to this wall arrangement below, but they are not quite finished yet.  I hope to have them done this week, but if not, they'll wait to next year. 
I don't have the energy to stress about unnecessary things like that!!

Oh dear.  This was only half of the pictures of our home that I wanted to share.  There might be another post with Christmas decorating at the end of this coming week.
Are you okay with that
I hope so!
Have a wonderful week everyone! Get your shopping and baking done and remember to take some time to drink mulled wine and watch a few Christmas films, too!


  1. Looking forward to seeing the rest, it is all looking beautiful a real delight. You have some stunning ornaments.

  2. It all looks marvellous. I've hardly started mine yet (Things have got in the way big time this year!) and I'm starting to panic. But I guess as long as I have a tree and a few paper chains it'll seem like Christmas. Oh, and lots of lights, of course!

  3. It is looking lovely and very Christmassy. I've got this week off work so I intend to fill it with all things festive, just perfect. I look forward to seeing the next instalment of your Christmas home for the holidays. Have a great week x x x

  4. How delightfully Christmassy your home looks, dear Bronwyn! I love all the Festive touches you've beautiful! Hoping that your package has arrived! Mine did today...what joy!
    Blessings and love to you!
    By the way, your quilted ornaments are adorable!

  5. Your decorations and your home are beautiful! Happy Christmas! xx

  6. So festive and fun! I love it all. Happy birthday to your little sweetie too! Have a lovely week and let your kids know that Molasses is doing well and is enjoying keeping an eye on me in the kitchen. :)

  7. Oh wow, your house is like a winter wonderland! Love all the festive touches.

    Saskia /


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