Thursday, June 6, 2013

Patchwork Pillow in Pink and Blue

There are a lot of quilters in my family - especially on my mother's side.  I have 2 aunts who are particularly efficient and I received the most beautiful quilts from each  them when I got married 11 years ago.  Both have pride of place in our master bedroom - one on the bed and one hung delicately on the wall.  

I have always admired anyone who can turn fabric into gorgeous pieces of art - and, really, that is what a quilt is.

Because I love to work with colour and pattern so much, the most natural progression  would be for me to give patch-working a shot, too. I have dabbled off and on for a few years, cutting pretty fabrics into squares and triangles and fitting them into somewhat coherent designs.  I know that I haven't learned quite the right techniques including those where you sew the fabric before you cut it and so on, but one day I hope to take a quilting course that can better help me understand these techniques!

Until then, I'll have to stick to my tried and true patch-working methods.  You know - the ones that involve squares and straight lines!!

I have a zillion patchwork ideas pinned on Pinterest including many, many pillows. They always seem like a good place to start and just the right sized project for a newbie like me!

The simple grid and mix of patterns caught my eye on all three of these pillows and I thought maybe I would give a similar one a try.  

I have made square-patch pillows before but I NEVER manage to get the lines to match up! There's always a square (or seven!) out of kilter.  My goal this time is to straighten the whole thing out and make a real checkerboard pillow top.  

I have made some fancier pillow tops recently  like these appliqued circles and this Dresden Plate, but sometimes it's good to go back to the basic drills  to improve your overall game!

So, after some labour intensive cutting and sewing, this is how my patchwork came together:

Oh dear.  Not the perfect checkerboard I was hoping for, but definitely full of pretty patterns and . . .

. . . perfect for my daughter's newly decorated bedroom!

I am slowly getting this "pink and blue" space completed, one project at a time.  

I collected all of her "new" bed linens at second-hand stores over the last few months and I adore the mix of prints she has in her pillow shams.  

Don't you think the checkerboard pillow slides in there perfectly?

I have a few more pillows partially stitched on my sewing table today.  Hopefully I can get them finished up and on Afton's bed this coming weekend.  

Thanks for the visit!

Hugs to you and yours!



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  2. I love your patchy pillow * all of them actually, but Afton's is adorable, so is her bed with all of her vintage-y linens! You are indeed, a creative soul, Miss B!

  3. I am totally diggin' that cottage vintage feel you got there. Afton and Company have great taste.

  4. Love the quilted pillow. I've also always wanted to make a quilt, but haven't even tried. You may notice a few irregularities close-up, but they aren't evident when you step back. I love the colours.

  5. The pillow looks perfect the room is coming together beautifully. I like you have dabbled with patchwork but am off on my first ever workshop tomorrow to learn how to do it "properly" .. Sarah x

  6. I have only done a little quilting but I would love to make a patchwork pillow one of these days, so adorable!!

  7. I am always in awe of people who can do this. Your pillow is just too gorgeous and perfect for the little one's new room. Clever, clever, clever!! Take care. Chel x


  9. This is simply lovely! Your daughter must feel so special every time she steps in to the beautiful space. I'm not a quilter, but I think that the pillow is adorable! :)

    We'd love for you to stop by and link this up at Much Ado About Monday if you get a chance. We have a fun fabric giveaway going on as well! :)


  10. Your pillows are beautiful! I love the pastel one for your daughter's room, and the patriotic-themed one. Your work looks great!

  11. Your are so talented Bronwyn, I love this quilted pillow! Stop by later today to see it featured :)

    xo, Tanya

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  13. I love the quilt as well. I have to say, the artwork above bed is so adorable and the lace covered pillow. Are you planning on doing a tutorial on these? They're fabulous!!

  14. It is looking gorgeous, I bet Afton loves her new bedroom :) I know I would if it were mine x x x x

  15. Loving your blog! I must incorporate some of these projects into my daughters shabby chic bedroom!


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