Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Hoop Art Collection

Hoop art has been  pretty trendy lately.
People have whole Pinterest boards dedicated to it.  I guess it is because you  can find something to put into a hoop not matter what style your home is.  

It can be as simple as  pretty pieces of fabric hooped up and hung together . . .

. . . or more intricate designs using  stitching, patchwork,  and applique.

I recently picked up a pack of 6 wooden hoops at a thrift shop.  I paid less than $3.00. Obviously the person pricing these coveted items has no idea about their current trendiness!

My plan was to turn at least 3 of these hoops into art for my daughter's bedroom makeover.  

I shared how I made this hoop out of an well-loved piece of clothing  HERE.

For a second hoop I  stitched this Matroyska doll out of some pretty pastel threads. 

Once she was hooped up, I glued on a ruffle of pink crepe paper to add some texture and size to the hoop.  

For a third hoop, I gathered some pink and blue  fabrics . . .

. . . which I turned into hexagons.

I stitched them all together. . .  and 
into the hoop went my pretty, pastel patchwork.

I edged this hoop with a length of delicate lace given to me by my husband's grandmother.  

And up on the wall they went!

Slowly her newly painted walls are filling with some home-made love.  
My daughter loves that so many of the things in her bedroom are "one-of-a-kinds."

Original - just like her!

Sunshine to you all,



  1. oooh, that hexagon one is so pretty!

  2. They look so beautiful grouped together, the hexagon one is gorgeous. x

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  4. They look so fantastic. Your daughter is one lucky girl! (sorry my previous comment had typo's in!). Thanks for the comment on my little giveaway, Miss Teenager has a tough decision to make soon! Chel x

  5. So pretty! You are quite the talented seamstress... those hexagons are adorable!

  6. Don't know if my last comment will try again.

    I love hoop art and use it to display fabrics I love. Yours are adorable. I really like the way you've added trim to your hoops, they are so pretty. x

  7. Love your work here. I have enjoyed reading your blog today. Jo x Check out mine at

  8. Hi Bronwyn! I hopped over from 36th Avenue :) Your hoop art is so pretty - I really love the patchwork one!

    We would love for you to link this up with us at Living Well Spending Less! You can link up any of your thrifty projects each Thursday - we would love to have you join us!

  9. Such a beautiful display! I have collected Matreshkas since I was a little girl, so that's my favorite!

    Just wanted you to know that we are featuring this post over on Huckleberry Love today. Stop on by and grab our "I was Featured Button" to display on your blog!

    Have a great weekend and we hope to see you back next week! :)

  10. The hoop art sure does seem to be quite popular now. Love the simplicity.
    I really love how your made some adorable hoop art for your daughter. That's one of great things about it, so versatile. Just depends on what you have or want to display. Your hexagons are wonderful. Think you'll have started something.
    I have several of the old iris carts I guess they were called and have separated some of my fabrics by color in the drawers to find what I need quickly. Found some really lovely fabric samples so will use some to put in hoops I also got at thrift stores. Whenever I see embroidery hoops I buy them for whatever might come up.

  11. Beautiful! I love the matryoshka one best! Did you simply trace the picture onto your fabric before doing the stitching? I'm your newest follower on Bloglovin'!

    Krissy @

  12. These came out great! I really love them!! I could totally see my daughter wanting some for her room! I love the patterns
    I hope you come by and share at our link up party also!

  13. Wow I love the hoop art! Now I know what to do with my machine embroidery designs. Thank you for sharing with us.

  14. They're great. Your daughter's room is looking really lovely now. xx

  15. I've seen these as singles but so much prettier in a grouping. Thanks for sharing on beColorful.

  16. Bronwyn, Your hoop art is my absolute favorite! I wanted to let you know that I have included it in a round-up posted on my blog today. Come check it out:


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