Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our Basement Gallery Wall

Like most people, we are trying to get the most usable space out of our home.  We love our second story with 4 good-sized bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a laundry room.
However, the space on our main floor is much harder to make full use of.
On this floor we have an eat-in kitchen, a casual TV room and a medium-sized room that I have divided in two areas - a living room seating area and a small dining room area.  

Where do the kids play, you ask?
Well - they used to have a stack of toys hidden behind  the couch in the TV room.  But of course, the toys never stayed hidden - they got played with, as they should in a house with three small children!!

But honestly, it all became too much when we moved the piano in and added a ton more homework gear for our older kids.
Space in our family TV room was at a premium.
So we, like many other parents, built a playroom in the basement.

And let me tell you - it was the best thing we EVER did!

Hubby did most of the work last summer:

And I've shown you a few projects that I have completed down there, too.

Our Red Doors

And now the basement is mostly done -- except for the complete lack of ceiling! (But we'll get to that soon!)

The sofa in the kid's playroom is a pull-out bed, perfect for when Nana or Aunt Stephanie come for a visit.  

Both say that the bed and room are very comfortable.
But we all agreed the main wall still looked rather plain.

But here it is now, after much  measuring, leveling, nailing and re-nailing this past weekend!!

I had been collecting items to put in this space for many months.  Actually, I probably could have put this gallery wall together back during the winter, but I never go around to it!

I kept with a red, black and neutral palette to go with the rest of the room.  

Plates, architecture salvage, a patriotic flag and some antiques all meld together for an interesting mix of items.  

This trumpet is an important family artefact.  In fact, it was played by my husband's grandfather during the second World War.  
Grandpa Jagos past away nearly 5 years ago, but this horn reminds us of him daily!

Hubby and I are both trained musicians so I figured some aged sheet music was the perfect filler for this old basket.  

Pictures of the kids round out the gallery, adding even more familial importance to the wall.  

This blank wall in the basement looks warm and welcoming now.  I wish I had one this sooner!

Have a wonderful week!

Only 8 more days til summer vacation. (Yep - this teacher is counting down just as excitedly as the students!)




  1. I love your new header! Yes as the kids grow older the space becomes an urgent requirement. Your basement already looks like it is going to be a fantastic space for your brood. Take care. Chel x

  2. Cute! I absolutely love the little Canada flag and how personalized all the items on your gallery wall are! Very cool variety of object types too, great job!! I'm counting down too:)

  3. turned out so cute and so personalized! I would love it if you would share this at my linking party today!

  4. Looks great! Very warm and inviting. :)


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