Tuesday, March 5, 2013

An Easter Mantel

Man.  It's still winter here on my area of the world (near Toronto, CAN).  The kids keep asking when spring will arrive. We tell them that it "officially" arrives on March 21st, but it will be over a month after that before the weather stays "springy!"

Luckily we are off on a family trip to Florida in 6 days (Woo-hoo!) so we'll get some "summer" before the spring arrives.  

To help move the season forward a bit, I did some Easter decorating in our living room this past weekend. I'll be hosting Easter dinner at our house so the whole extended family will be able to enjoy my hard work!  :)

Let's start at the top of my mantel-scape - my lacy paper chain.  I cut these strips using my Martha Stewart double-edge punch.  I had bought it before Christmas to make chains for the Christmas tree, but never got around to it.  

I'm glad I got to use it now!!

I grabbed this bunny at HomeSense a few months back.  I knew he would look perfect on my mantel.

I can't wait for my REAL pink hydrangeas to be in bloom!

My Ikea storage jar is full of second-hand eggs.  I like the element of "glimmer" they give.

Hmm...I wonder what kind of bird lays this kind of egg?

Peek-a-boo! Aren't these darling?  Another second-hand store find...

Does my mantel feel like Spring to you?  Is there enough pink and green and adorable living things?

My kids (and hubby) give it the thumbs up! And, really, isn't it them that have to look at it all the time??

I hope spring arrives soon in your neck of the woods!




  1. Oh my gosh! You're the mantle expert! This is so darn cute, I can hardly STAND it! I could just squeeze those cute little bunnies. How do you take these amazing photos? I am going to study your mantle and try to learn. Mantle 101 for my fantle! (I'm really envious you're going to Florida. Lucky Duck! Have a blast!)

  2. Everything is so cute! I can't wait to decorate for spring!!

  3. I just love your larger bunny, he is great! The mantle is amazing...yet again! You are so imaginative. I hope the family appreciate all your hard work. Have a great time in Florida. I am planning on that trip next year. Take care. Chel x

  4. It looks gorgeous. I love all the little eggs and the bunny's, in fact I love it all, and those lacey paper chains are just beautiful :) x x x x

  5. I love the pink and green! Adorable bunny too!


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