Saturday, February 23, 2013

Crocheted Granny Stripe Blanket

Happy weekend everyone!! So glad to see you popped by today! 

Hubby and I just had a good laugh looking at my blog "Visitor Stats."  Yesterday I had 598 people stop by the blog - today only NINE!!
I guess it's a slow day in blogland!
Maybe my regular visitors have been too busy making Brownies in a Mug like we did today.  Mmm....Lovely little lady REALLY enjoyed hers - especially with the dollop of whip cream on top!

Before I go any farther in this post, I want to point out the new button at the top, right-hand side of the blog page.
YES - I've joined the Instagram brigade.  

It's taking a bit of time to build up my photo roll, but I'm working on it. : )  And I'm also trying to follow as many of my favourite bloggers as I can, too.  

Now for a project I have worked on since Christmas and  is FINALLY done!

When Michaels had all of its yarn on sale right after Christmas, my daughter and I spent a  bit of time choosing the right combination of worsted weight yarn to make a large afghan for our family room.

I am so pleased with our colour choices!  

And they came together so beautifully using Lucy's Granny Stripe pattern.  

At first I wasn't happy with the fact that all of my rich, dark colours were together and my pastels were side by side.  Now that it is done, I like the way it looks.  

My youngest son, Camden, was particularly excited about the creation of this blanket.  He ADORES anything knit or crocheted.  In fact, he chooses to wear hand-knit sweaters to school  almost every day because if feels like he is "wearing a blanket and it is cozy!" (Those are his words, not mine!)

At this point, the afghan was only a 2 feet wide, but that didn't stop him  from wrapping  it around himself while he caught some CBeebies on the ipad.  

I struggled for a long time  about the border.  After the pink row, I could not figure out which colour to do next. I tried each colour until I found yellow worked the best.  Then  came green and red. Now, I really enjoy the crisp-ness of these colours.   

And there she is---lounging comfortably on our family room sofa.  

Hubby admits that he wasn't so sure about this project from the beginning - "Pink and red together--- and in the family room?"

But now he's all over it - or rather, I usually find it all over him!
  Not an evening goes by that he isn't curled up under it watching his favourite shows or reading his chosen books.

And tonight - it was the thread that held three-fifths of my family together  while they watched another edition of "Hockey Night in Canada."

And really- that's why I spent 6 weeks making it.  Not only was it a joy to make but it also brings cozi-ness  to our home during these cold winter months.  

Much love and warmth to you and yours,


  1. I love your striped blanket! It really looks perfect with the blue sofa.
    I would like to try a striped one next, but I don't know the secret for how to start and stop rows on stitches like this that are slightly offset. It's not like a granny square where you just keep going til you meet the first stitch... I still have so much I need to learn about crochet.

  2. Your blanket is gorgeous - I love the photo with the primula next to it.I think sometimes we worry too much about colour combinations but then we look to nature and they are all there! We also have our family blanket and I love that it is used for snuggling and sharing. Well done x Jane

  3. So beautiful! ♥ And its always heartwarming when your family is snuggled up under something you made, isn't it :-). Happy Sunday!

  4. This is so lovely and I can see it is going to be lovingly used. My striped blanket has so many colours it was dazzling at times. My idea was just to go with whatever colour went with the previous one and it is certainly a shop stopper. Have a great week. Chel x

  5. I absolutely love your blanket, so beautiful! I am pretty new to crochet but I am enjoying it so much. Your blog is just lovely. Thank you very much for visiting mine and for your sweet comments.
    M xxx

  6. This is amazing! I want to make one so badly! I'm always excited when I find fellow hookers. :) I'm excited to follow your blog!

  7. Gorgeous blanket! I love all the colors!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  8. Bronwyn it is lovely! I love love LOVE the color combo, and it is indeed quite cozy from here! ENJOY! :)

  9. Your afghan is very pretty, Bronwyn. Love the colours and your kids will enjoy snuggling with it too.

  10. Your blanket reminds me of many happy childhood winter days spent beneath one very similar to yours in my Grandma's house :-) You're right--you're not just making 'things', you're creating memories too!

  11. I love it! This is on my list of things to make. Wonderful colors.

  12. This blanket is so colorful and cheerful! It looks so cute with your pillows! I love it! :)

  13. Ok, so now I'm off to get yarn and get busy. I've been looking for a new project. This is just my style. Your home sounds cozy and full of love. No matter where you are you can make it your "dream farm house". Then wneh you move in you have everything you need to decorate it!

    Drop by my kitchen for a visit some day.
    I found you on What I Whipped Up on Wednesday.

    Linda (The Contessa)

  14. Do you have a secret for how your stitches seem so clustered together without tons of spacing like the granny stitch creates?


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