Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bathroom Reminder Signs

Do you ever get the feeling that something is missing?
 That there is gap where there shouldn't be a gap?

I have had this feeling about the space above the kids' bathroom toilet for ages!
Here is a photo of the bathroom early last fall before I started its colour transformation.  
 The room is no longer blue and orange, and I am very happy with how it has turned out (you'll see it in the next few days!) but that open space above the turquoise basket needed SOMETHING. . . .

So last night I grabbed a few dollar store canvases and made THESE:

Simply done, yes, but graphic and space-filling at the same time!!

And goodness knows, my kids could use the reminders, too!

The "quilt-looking" area of each sign  is squares of coordinating scrapbook paper that I applied with homemade Mod Podge ( you know- white glue and water !)

I cut the letters using my Cricut and black cardstock. 
On they went with Mod Podge, too.

And here is a shot of the signs, in place, with a few other items in the "bathroom transformation."

Can't show you much more because where is the surprise in that??

Want to see another Mod Podge sign I made? Here is a link to my "Baby It's Cold Outside" sign.

And that Heart Mosaic art hanging above the medicine cabinet above - it can be found HERE. 


  1. Adorable! Really brightened up the whole vignette. I think the heart mosaic on top of your cabinet is cute, too.

  2. What a great idea! I have a few areas that need
    * something * Love the reminders theme, perfect for the kids bathroom. I'm inspired:-)

  3. I seriously want to borrow your brain at least once a are so creative and I enjoy your blog a lot.

  4. Love them!!! Everything looks fantastic. I can't wait to see the big reveal!

  5. Brilliant! I'm looking forward to seeing the whole room revealed. Take care.

  6. I sssoooo need a cricut! Thanks for this great project which gives me more reasons to get one! Happy Saturday!

  7. Oh I bet your kids love these - beautiful AND practical x

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  9. Love the bathroom rules idea signs! I've actually been working on something really similar for my son's bathroom too!

  10. These are really cute Bronwyn!! Thank you so much for sharing at Pretty Things this week :)

    xo, Tanya

  11. The heart mosaic is absolutely beautiful!!
    Love it <3



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