Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My November Mantel

Wow.... Can you believe it?  We are almost in mid-November!!

Now that Halloween has passed, Christmas is in full swing everywhere - Christmas decor in the shops, ads for toys on TV and lists for Santa being quite seriously pondered.

We had some amazing weather here this past weekend - seasonably warm for mid- November in my part of Canada.  The kids played outside in short sleeves and my neighbours and I raked the leaves in full-sun warmth instead of  grey, dismal skies.  
I also took advantage of the perfect weather by taking the kids, dressed in their Christmas-finest, to a local country churchyard to shoot a photo for our family's Christmas card.  
I think I took 10 000 pictures but ended up with only a handful of "good" ones.  This is one of my faves, but not the Christmas card pic.  You'll have to wait until December for that one!!

Pretty darn cute, eh??

Last night I finally dis-manteled (hee, hee) my Halloween mantel. In its place I put up some transitional decor that was more fall than festive, yet not as "pumpkin-y" as before.  

As usual I tried to mix texture and shape.
 I hung more things than usual directly on the wall. I'll probably hate myself when it's time to take it down - my walls will look like Swiss cheese- but I guess that's why they make PolyFilla and touch-up paint!!

I purchased these stars many, many moons ago.  I remember the  $12.00 I spent on the set was a huge expense at the time, but happily, years later, I still use them regularly in my decor.  

To add height, I used a large piece of architectural salvage I recently bought at a second hand store in my home town.  I have big plans for it, but I am still trying to figure out how said plan is going to get carried out.  Must have discussion with hubby about that....

Mr. Metal Star has hung inside and out - I like his graphic shape in this mantelscape.  

Okay, it's true.  The dried hydrangea have been part of my last 3 mantels. But I like them.  They add softness and another element of colour.  I promise- they won't be on my Christmas mantel!!

I re-used my fall pennants from my Fall mantel.  Small and simple and a good space filler!!

I been doing up to a lot of Christmas creativity lately.  I think maybe my next post will feature something festive......Hmm...An ornament?  Decor change?   Some yummy baking?  
I guess you'll have to wait and see.....


  1. First of all, your kids are so cute! Secondly, I love your fall/Halloween mantle. You have a great talent with making vignettes. :-)

  2. Oops, sorry! I said Halloween mantle instead of November mantle. My bad!

  3. Your kids look adorable Bronwyn! I bet your Christmas card will be beautiful! I don't know about you...but my Christmas card photos sessions usually start with some crying....usually the kids or me about something! ha! Love your transition mantel! Angie xo

  4. Cute photo! I wanna go shopping with you, you find lots of great items. Love the November mantel :)

  5. yes, your kids are pretty darn cute! That's a great photo of them.
    We took advantage of the warm weather last weekend and got out outdoor lights up.

  6. Hi~I just joined your site~ILOVE the way you decorate and your fall mantle is beautiful! Carol

  7. Your mantel is so pretty!!! a little sad to take it down for Christmas, I love the way you have everything arranged. However, I'm sure your Christmas
    mantel will also be beautiful!
    Happy Thanksgiving


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