Monday, April 9, 2012

Perfect Little Pansies

I 'm embarrassed to  admit that, up until Friday, this was the display outside my front door:
Yep.  Those are my Christmas greens - mixed with pinecones, glittery apples and birchwood logs.  
Look at the STATE of the cedar:

I just couldn't live with it any more (afterall - I had lived with it since the beginning of November!) I could get away with it for awhile because its ugliness was covered by a lot of snow for most of February and March.
  But now that Spring has arrived in all of its glory, it was time for RENEW!!
Nothing shouts spring like a few pots of PANSIES!!  We received this white wire plant holder as a wedding present almost 10 years ago.  I love using it at our front door and filling it while symbols of the season.
   I chose three colours of pansies.  Here are the palest purple ones: 
 And the purple and yellow mixed ones:

And, of course, some rich purpley ones:
There we go!  Spring has arrived at my front door!
I hung a baby quilt I made my daughter 6 years ago on the Muskoka chair.  I love how some of the fabrics have purple pansies on them!
While at the greenhouse picking up 25 bags of soil yesterday, my daughter convinced me (OK - there was no convincing needed!) to buy this fuchsia watering can.  Isn't it the prettiest?  And functional too!
Of course we tried it out already - it gently sprinkled the pansy pots perfectly.  
I love how pansies look like they have smiling little faces.  This one is saying, "Thanks for popping by! Maybe next time you visit, my friends the tulips will be abloom, too!"


  1. I just love your stand for the pretty flowers!! And the baby quilt is so cute out there too! :)
    ~Hope you have a lovely day~

  2. I love the stand, it looks so pretty!
    A belated Happy Easter....

    Lou xxx

  3. Gorgeous! Flowers just add that extra "oomph!" to any front door! See mine (on Wednesday)!

  4. Love your pretty new flowers, they compliment the quilt very well.

    Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment - I can't wait to get stuck into that fabric either!

    Sandra x

  5. I love this Bronwyn! It looks so pretty! You have inspired me to find a pretty plant stand to use by my door too! My big planter cracked over the winter and I like the plant stand because it holds smaller pots! Your front door looks amazing and you must be so happy to say good-bye to the Christmas now that Spring is here! Angie xo

  6. what a great little entry with those pansies. i am ashamed to admit i have empty pots adorning my stairs, but there's been a lot going on. at least it isn't xmasy greens-ha! hey, those at least looked nice. better than an empty pot!

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