Monday, April 23, 2012

Check Out My New Bag!!

Awhile back on a visit to our town's new library, the kids actually gave me few minutes to look through the crafting section before having their usually meltdowns.  They sat and read their books quietly in the aisle while I grabbed a HUGE stack of sewing and crafting books.  One of my faves was this one:
My eyes  (and heart!) were quickly drawn to this photo of a paper-pieced hexagon knitting bag.  I had seen many images of hexis throughout blogland and was dying to try the technique out.    I figured this was a simple place to start.  

A quick trip to the fabric store and these MODA lovelies were in my hot little hands and I was off to the races.  

It took a long time to cut out 65 hexagons, but working with these juicy patterns made it deliciously fun! (Cutting out the paper templates wasn't nearly as delightful - but all part of the process I guess!)
It took only a few evenings to attach my fabric hexis to the papers.  I really liked watching the neat little piles grow taller and taller.  

While on vacation in Florida with the family, I used  my downtime (usually on long car rides) to carefully stitch the 65 hexis together with the smallest of stitches.  

Upon arrival home I headed off to the fabric store and chose another metre of this print for the lining of my bag.   I love the red with the punches of yellow and pink!

My mother had several choices of wooden handles stored in her craft room.  She happily gave me these to add to the vintage vibe of my bag.  

And here it is - modeled by my little lady - TA-DA!  
This worked out better than I though it would.  I am not too shabby at this patchwork thing.    :) And although the lining gave me a little run for my money, the whole project, in all, was quite enjoyable!

And look how nicely my crocheting fits in it.  (Yep - now I am crocheting hexagons!)

And - it goes perfectly with my cute little red shoes!  A match made in heaven, I think!!


  1. How inspiring - your bag turned out fabulous! I bought this book for my daughter last year and together we did the bag on the cover but were both a little disappointed that it is so small. Perhaps she will let me borrow her book :) and I will try this project, like you mentioned perfect to do while on vacation. Love the handles too xo Karen

  2. Wow, your bag turned out great! You did a wonderful job :)

  3. Really, Really nice, just love it! Good job!...your daughter is adorable! S.T.

  4. This is SO cute! I am a new follower. I am working on a hexie quilt right now and you've inspired me to dig deep and get it done!!! Your bag was worth all the hard work, I love it!

    I hope you can stop by my blog sometime:)


  5. Wow! Fabulous job Bronwyn! I cannot believe you handstitched all those hexagons together! You go girl! The wooden handles are the perfect touch! Love those moda fabrics...the colours are so juicy! I cannot wait to see what you do with the crochet are one talented girl! Have a lovely week! Angie xo

  6. Oh my goodness! I love this bag and what a great blog you have! I found you over at Shannon's blog. I'm a new follower!
    Simply Miss Luella

  7. What a cute bag! You are so talented.

  8. This is so nice! I could never make such time consuming project, but I would love to. Beautiful!!!

  9. So lovely! I am really enjoying the hexagon motifs I'm seeing popping up lately! Thanks so much for linking up to my party this week.

  10. I love it! I wish I could sew! Thanks for sharing at A Pinteresting Party!

  11. I do a lot of sewing, but have never tried a hexagon motif. I so love the patterns and colors of fabrics you picked. I love do hand stitching, so hand stitching them together would not have bother me at all. I don't feel like I'm wasting time in front of the TV when during both! Very pretty, and love the wood handle! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration over at Sunday's Best!


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