Monday, April 30, 2012

A Few of My Favourite Things - The Garden and Thrift Edition

I've been battling a sinus infection the last few days, topped off with a whopping migraine.  Instead of wallowing in self-pity, I have searched for things that could put spring back into my step as these annoying anti-biotics start to work!  

On my table:
Not sure  what these pink lovelies are called - they look a lot like snapdragons to me....

Out in the garden:
The two crab apple trees hubby gave me last Mother's Day are just about to burst with the loveliest of white fleurs. 

This tree (which will also remain nameless - Sorry!)is the only tree in my garden with burgundy-coloured branches and  leaves. I love the dark centres of the flowers against the daintiest of pink petals.  

And THESE!!  Double tulips in ballet slipper pink!!  These took FOREVER to burst their buds, and now I have about 15 of these pretties growing near our front door.  (And you know something is truly lovely when even my 3 and 7  year old SONS stop to take a look!)

This is the birdhouse I fell in love with at a craft fair late last summer. I couldn't wait to plop it in our yard and see what kind of bird it could entice to make a nest.  At this point - NONE!!  Still as empty as when I bought it.  However, a lovely family of birds did decide to build a gigantic nest in my dryer vent!! Ugh.  Let's just say- that ended very badly for the bird couple and their 4 little eggies.....

 I'd love to share a few non-flowery things that have made my day recently, too. 

This lovely Emma Bridgewater teapot was picked up for a song at the local Goodwill. Don't people know when they have a good thing?  How can they possibly let it go???

And on a second trip in the last week, Goodwill bestowed these lovely treasures on me, too:

*A textured metal bin in a steely shade of blue that now holds toilet paper in our Master Bath. 

*A huge chunk of royal blue polka-dotted fabric.  I've got plans for this already.  Stay tuned!
*2 brand new green tea-towels that match my kitchen walls perfectly!
*And a blue and white mini-thermos that will carry my tea back and forth to school for the rest of the year and then travel  with me to every flea market and trunk sale I can muster during the summer.  


  1. Great scores!! Hope you're feeling better too,

  2. You've got some great finds! Take care of yourself! :D

  3. Yes, I would say they were snapdragons as well - pretty!


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