Monday, March 26, 2012

***Caution!*** Colour Ahead!!

Oh! Spring has arrived in our neck of the woods!  Usually, in our part of Canada, we get a taste of spring for a day or two, then it quickly reverts back to winter. We  usually have  a snowstorm (or five!) before spring arrives to stay.
However, I really think we have dodged that bullet this year.  It's cooler today than it was last week, but the air is clear and crisp, the daffodils are bursting forth and the kids want to spend all their waking hours outside.  HEAVEN!!

Colourful signs of spring?  How about these two-toned tulips I picked up on the weekend.  Yellow and red - lovely!
And the sky, yesterday afternoon.  Could it be any bluer??
The kids played on the swings (and in the mud) all day yesterday.  Luckily I was able to take some time from all of my "mommy chores" and join them outside for an hour or so.
I took my latest knitting project out onto the deck, too.  I was one square short of finishing-up on some buttery-yellow goodness.
And here it is in all its sunshiney-yellowness:

TA-DA!!  20 squares  stitched together in a basket weave pattern.  I don't think I have ever KNIT a baby blanket before.  I thought it would take much longer than it did.  
But I averaged one square a night while hubby and I watched our favourite shows in the evening after the kids were in bed.
Hmm....Now that I see my blanket posing on my family room couch, I really think I need to add some more yellow to our blue and green room.  Maybe another, full-sized yellow blanket is on the horizon.....
But not before THIS is done!!
I began crocheting these as soon as the last thread was sewn into baby blanket.
I'd seen these floating around Ravelry and Blogland for months and I just HAD to make some too!

I am thinking a mix of red and blue (light and medium) to go with the daisies.  What do you think? Maybe this will be the full-sized blanket for our family room couch......
We'll see......


  1. I love your granny squares! We have been having great weather in Minnesota too... things are already blooming here!

  2. Love the YELLOW! Getting spring like here too! B.C. is finally coming alive! S.T.

  3. What a lovely happy Spring post... Your baby blanket is gorgeous, the yellow is really cheerfull and I'm loving your granny square. I can definitely see lots of them coming together in a blanket for your sofa!!
    Thank you for your kind comment & birthday wishes xx

  4. It snowed again year last night... but only a little dusting! I want the super HOT weather from last week to come back!!

    The blanket is PERFECT!!! Love it!

    Thanks so very much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality!

  5. Love that yellow. It's so cheerful!

  6. This is soooo pretty!!! You did a great job!!!

  7. Hi there,just found your lovely blog through patchwork and lace. I love the crochet in this post,the pattern and colours are beautiful.take care,love juliex


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