Monday, March 5, 2012

A Birdhouse Makeover & More....

This purple and white birdhouse has been a fixture in my daughter's room since before she was born. It originally decorated her nursery in our previous home and made the move here when we bought this house 3 1/2 years ago.  
It is purple and white.  I mean - IT WAS purple and white.  Afton has always had the sunniest room in the house and I guess all of that exposure has faded the purple to a dingy grey.  
Time for a makeover!!
I taped off some sections and hit it with pale pink spray paint. When this was dry, I re-taped it and hand painted some of the accents with a metallic rose paint.

Looking so much better already!!
Here is Afton's tall-boy dresser.  It's painted "Raspberry Lemonade" by Behr.  Perfect with her "Lavender Ice" walls. (Don't you just love paint colour names??)

The newly painted birdhouse calls for a new vignette in this  area of her room.
I recently picked up this doily  at a thrift shop - a good place to start I think.  (I added some braided trim to the bottom of the birdhouse - I didn't like how the 2 paint colours bled together.  This cleans the lines up a bit and adds some texture.)
After 1/2 hour of puttering and gathering, I came up with THIS for the area atop her dresser:

These pansy plates have been around a long time, too.  Original nursery decor as well.  They had never made it up on the wall here though.  My daughter couldn't have been more pleased to see them again!

Aren't they lovely??

How about some lovely lavender, too??  Another texture and a touch of the south of France - what else could a girl ask for??

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  1. gorgeous! ... and so are those plates.
    It's starting to look like Spring in your hosue.

  2. Gorgeous! I love how you can really see the details with the addition of a contrasting color!

  3. Love this! We have our Kitchen Fun and Crafty Friday link party going on now and would love for you to stop by and share this...

  4. Lovely makeover for the dresser top. I absolutely adore your pansy plates.

  5. Lovely! Love the decoration! Nicely assorted!

  6. LOVE IT!!! LOVE those beautiful pansy plates! You did a awesome job, I'm sure your daughter must love it! What a crafty mother she has...well done! S.T

  7. I love all of it, it looks so pretty! You must be really pleased with it....

    Lou xxx

  8. Such pretty joys over here! Your blog is so lovely! I am loving that room of yours...such pretty colours.
    Sending you ooooodles of Wednesday blessings. xo

  9. So sweet. I love the birdhouse and I have those same pansy plates! I would love to be on your link party list. My party – The Inspiration Board is up right now and I know my readers would love this. Hope to see you there.

  10. Ha ha! A girl's gotta have some pink awesomeness in her life! I also love the lavender pic (are they real flowers?) Visiting from Tutus and Tea Parties (my link is

  11. So cute I love the makeover! Featuring this at scrappy saturdays!


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