Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bryn's Book Boxes

This is my oldest son, Bryn. He has a real obsession  LOVE for all things LEGO.

This is the floor of his bedroom:
This is the top of  his nightstand:

His top bunk bed:

And the bookshelf of his nightstand:
Ugh! It's time for mommy to do something about this mess.  Nothing can be thrown out, none of his prized possessions can be moved from within arm's reach.  
But I've come up with a plan (well, at least for the books and magazines!)
Ikea magazine bins.   Plain, cheap and functional.

Oh spray paint.  How I LOVE thee!
I printed out some pictures from off the web to add to the labels for the box.  And for some excitement, patterned scrapbook paper, edged in matching ink.
TA-DA!!  How snazzy are these??

And Big Boy approves them, too!
Now to organize some of the stuff onto of his nightstand - I turned this wooden thrift shop find into.....

....this fabulous tray to corral all of his little bits.
Here are the book bins in situ.  So much better to look at then the big book pile that teetered there before!!
And here is the little corner of Bryn's room  - home to his bins and tray.

Very "boyish," eh??  


  1. Very boyish indeed.
    Two of my three loved lego too. We still have it all and I don't think they ever want to part with it.

  2. You have done a fabulous job ,well done xx

  3. My gosh....totally awesome, you have done a great job once again! My oldest is 26 and we still have all the lego in a tote in our garage......they will never part with it!!! S.T.

  4. Any boy would love this. You totally do great work and again amaze me. Love the lego's. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best.

  5. great organizing idea! I think I could do this on their bookshelf too with all their series books by type/theme!! Found you from Not Just A Housewife.

  6. What a great idea!!

  7. They turned out really cute. How organized he will be! Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!


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