Thursday, February 2, 2012

Two Remakes for the Master Bedroom

I had been looking for an interestingly shaped mirror for our bedroom for ages. I was so pleased to find this one at the local Goodwill for just over 10 bucks. It was perfect except for the tarnished silvery coating it had. (That's my youngest- Cam, helping to model my latest purchase!)
Once again, spray paint to the rescue! It was a bit of a chore figuring our how to cover the surface of the mirror so that I didn't get paint on the glass, but in the end it was well worth it!
I love how the texture and detail of the mirror seems to be more easily seen now that it is white. (Don't you just love my new wallpapered bedroom wall in the background?)
Last year I bought these hand-made corbels at a vintage store. They have sat idly in my basement until inspiration hit. At Christmas I wished for more display area in the master bedroom. I wanted a surface that I could decorate with a few Christmas-y items, yet wouldn't get in the way of our daily "living" in that room. So Hubby put them together with a piece of 2x10 and voila!- I had a new display shelf I our bedroom!
I have a large collection of glass candlesticks. Actually, I used to have a large collection. When we moved houses a few years back, several of my sticks didn't survive the move. They have been boxed in the basement since then, so when my shelf was done, I lovingly un-packed what was left of them and placed them to glisten in the sunlight of our bedroom.
Here is the full vignette on the south side of bedroom. I am trying to make a real effort to keep it clutter free so that I can enjoy each of my favourite items.
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  1. Really LOVE what you did with that mirror! Looks beautiful! All though I am NOT a fan of wallpaper, I think yours looks beautiful....maybe I will try some, we recently moved to a bigger home and will be redoing almost every room, this weekend we are doing the powder room, I got inspiration from your yellow and grey bathroom...since yellow is my favorites I know I'm going to love it! S.T.

  2. That is just BEAUTIFUL, Bronwyn! I love the fresh and clean. Would be delighted for you to link up to Mop It Up Mondays:

    new follower Kristi

  3. The mirror really has a great shape to it. Love it painted white, takes on a whole new look. Love the corbels, so pretty. The wall paper really looks pretty. Great job! Thanks for sharing you creative inspiration at Sunday's Best Par.tay

  4. love the mirror and how you painted it! and the wallpaper looks awesome too! Corbels...I was trying to think of what those things were called the other day and could not figure it out! haha thanks!


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