Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Birds in the Bedroom

As I was tidying the master bedroom, putting away all the loads of laundry I had recently done, I realized that without any pre-meditation, I had used a bird theme throughout in its decoration.

Here is the vinyl wall decal that decorates the window wall:

And it continues around the corner onto the next wall.

 These little porcelain birdies  cuddle up next to my wedding photo (taken 10 years ago!)

And atop this pretty little jewellery  tray sits another couple of lovebirds.  

I recently hung a handmade quilt given to me by one of aunts on this antique quilt bar.  There was a fair bit of space above it, so when I found this blue and white china plate in a nearby discount decor store, I knew exactly where I wanted to hang it!

I love its scalloped edges!

I have recently been working on another bird-centred decor project.  Here is a sneak peek:

Hopefully I'll be able to complete this little project while hubby is out after later. I love getting my sewing machine going in the quiet of a winter evening!!

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  1. So Pretty! I am really starting to take a liking for birds these days. Love your wall art, and your sweet bird tray. The room has a wonderful look- love it!

  2. I have a thing for birdies too! All of it looks lovely...

    Lou xxx

  3. Beautiful! Your room looks so peaceful and I'm loving the blues and different patterns!


  4. So sweet!! I love birds! And, I'm thinking about redoing my room in blues. Love blue!! :)

    Side note: I have the floral turquoise cupcake wrappers from the picture in your header!! I used them for my daughter's birthday party and then for a fun spring art project. I love them!!

    Thanks for linking up!


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