Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Our Completed Travel Trailer Renovation!!

I've been promising these pictures FOREVER and I finally had few minutes at the end of our camping trip last weekend to snap several and now I'll share them here!
Here is an exterior picture of our well-loved Shadow Cruiser.  Not much has changed on the outside (yet!) except a new roof, new tires and new brakes.  Not exciting, but completely necessary none-the-less! (Yep- she's little - only 14 feet long, but all five of us fit perfectly inside. You'll see.)
How about some before pictures?  Ugly curtains, stained floors, water damaged walls, and ugly upholstery. Eww....

More "before" : An inside kitchen we won't use, scratched-up cabinetry and staining.  Double ewww....

As soon as the weather was warm enough this spring, I started transforming these ugly surroundings.  One weekend in May I taped off all of the surfaces and painted 3 coats of light blue over the sponged-painted pink and baby-blue vinyl wallpaper.  Be gone 1995!!
On Mother's Day my hubby asked what I wanted to with my time.  My only request?  New floors in the trailer. Two hours and 1 box of peel and stick tiles later, the trailer had a lovely looking brand-new floor!
On another day in May, my mother came down to help me sew new curtains for the trailer. We ripped out the old sea-foam green monstrosities and created new "nautical" shades for the many windows inside our little vacation home. I pined and ironed, she sewed. We were done in no time.   Thanks, Mom!!
Ready for some AFTER shots now??
Bryn and Afton's beds.

A bulletin board hanging on one wall where I have started a collection of photos from various camping trips.  I'll be adding to this!

Camden's Bed - there used to be a shower/bathroom stall in this corner of the trailer. It was ripped out (because we knew we'd never use it!) and replaced with a bed and some storage.  I made the little curtain to hide the fire pit supplies we store underneath. 

Gone are the sink and stove too.  We would never cook inside in such a small space!  Why keep what we wouldn't use? Instead we have a lovely hard wood countertop and tons of storage underneath.  And what trailer doesn't need some colourful art hung on its walls?

The scratched up cabinets got a re-facing with some beadboard wallpaper and ribbon.  This is much cleaner and brighter looking!

This is where Kevin and I sleep.  It's a cosy double-sized bed and it fits us just fine. Don't you love my beach house pillows? I fell in love with this fabric and had to make a bunch of pillows for  the trailer.  They fit my beachy travel theme perfectly!

I love pennants! I made a couple sets to hang in here. Behind the mirrored cabinets is more storage.  Really, all this trailer has now is storage and sleeping space. We eat, cook, play and relax outside when we camp.   

And how do the kids feel about their new "home away from home?" 
They adore it - almost as much as me!!

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  1. looks so good and very British. By the way it's called "Bunting" (the pennants) and again very British. Perfect for all of you..........however I'll still have a hotel room...LOL

  2. This is so adorable! what fun memories to make with your kids. I adore the beach house fabric and the color scheme you chose is perfect. I know it will provide your family with many years of fun. Enjoy! Hope you are having a wonderful summer break. :)

  3. How cool! It is a great idea to use the kitchen and bathroom space for beds and storage. Much easier to use the facilities on campgrounds. We have a huge tent but be camp in Scotland and frequent prolonged rain is not unusual.... x

  4. Fanbloomin'tastic!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done to all of you - it's fab. And Happy Canada Day to you and yours, Bronwyn. x

  5. What a great transformation. A much brighter and nicer space now, great work my lovely x x x x

  6. Wow!! I love it, you have done a great job! Such a good idea to take out what you don't need so you have more space. Love the bunting and curtains, really brightens it up! Makes me want to go out and buy my own caravan.


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