Monday, July 6, 2015

Our Amazing Outdoor Weekend: A Series of Collages

Busy weekend.  Not a lot of energy left.
Want to see what we were up to all weekend?
Here we go!
Friday Night:  Ice Cream sundaes out on the deck.  Chocolate ice cream, strawberries, bananas, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. It can't get much better!

Saturday Morning: Water play in the backyard.  Place the sprinkler under the trampoline and your fun is extended indefinitely!

Once the sprinkler is off, maintain the wet-factor by dunking your head in the paddle pool.  See how much splash your can get!
Saturday Afternoon: Took a long walk around a nearby reservoir through a conservation area we have never before visited.  The pictures above are taken at two ends of the same lake.  The one on the left is taken from the summit of Hilton Falls where we listened to the water plummet down into the reservoir.    On the right, a view of the reservoir from the roadway that traverses the "skinny" end of the lake. I thought these wildflowers were stunning!
What else did we find at the conservation area (besides hungry mosquitoes)?? --  Gorgeous natural flora and wild raspberries that were almost ready to eat!

Sunday MorningBaked my weekly "Cake a week" cake. I used my new "Vintage Cakes" baking book and created my version of a Battenberg Cake.  Little Lady was quite interested in how this cake turned out because she has fond memories of enjoying a slice of Battenberg at our Fortnum and Mason High Tea back in March. 

Tea in the garden.  I'm loving how my plants look this time of year! This is my favourite corner of the yard right now.  The shasta daisies are in full flower, the delphiniums have stalks that are nearly 36 inches long, the astilbe looks like rosy feathers, the hydrangeas are gradually "pinking up" and the Banana Daisies are a lovely shade of yellow.  Beautiful bliss. 
Sunday Afternoon:  A visit to the Burlington waterfront, specifically, Brant Pier.  The kids (and my hubby) climbed the rocks, rolled in the sand, went knee-deep into the lake  and ascended the newly built tower at the end of the pier.

It's quite a modern looking structure but it adds a definite feature to the beachfront.  I like it and I'm sure we'll be visiting it again soon!

Well there you go! Our whirlwind weekend in pictures.
  No big plans for the week - I've got some packing to do (woohoo-- Italy!).
Thanks to everyone has recently commented on my blog posts.  It makes me so happy to see you have stopped by and taken the time to leave a little note!
Here's to a great week!


  1. Lovely pictures, Bronwyn! Looks as though everyone had a wonderful weekend.

  2. what lovely photos, perfect summer's day photos.

  3. It looks like an amazing weekend! I hope you get some quiet time to pack for your exiting holiday. x

  4. What a busy and happy looking weekend! Looks like the perfect summer :)

  5. What fun summer photos! It must be nice for your husband to be a teacher too so you are always off together. I have often wished mine taught too. Enjoy your week and have fun packing for Italy!

  6. Oh wow, you did have a busy weekend filled with lots of fun and yummy looking treats. I did giggle at Afton's hair flicking sprinkler.
    I am a huge fan of battenberg cake, never tried baking it myself though, really ought to give it a go some day, another thing to add to the ever growing list :)
    Lots of love Gem x x

  7. Lots of beautiful pictures of a very full weekend. Battenburg is one of my hubbys favourites. Italy, how exciting xx


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