Friday, June 19, 2015

Five on Friday: Pictures From My Phone

Joining in with Amy over at Love Made My Home in her weekly linky party, Five On Friday.
And, as usual, I've uploaded a handful of photos from my cell phone's camera that capture the week that has been!
Number One: Pizzelles!
I just adore these Italian waffle cookies that are crisp and thin, and taste wonderful in a variety of flavours.  I originally fell in love with them because my aunt would bring them to family events and I would devour them at dessert time.  Then, one Christmas, my mother purchased me my own Pizzelle iron. I used it a lot when I first received  it, but it hasn't seen the light of day in ages.  With our upcoming trip to Italy, I decided  it was time to treat the family to some Italian-style delicacies and pizzelles were priority number one!

Number Two:  The view from my bicycle.
I have a lovely bike. It's aqua in colour and has a large, rather useful basket.  One night this past week, I took my dear bicycle on a 45 minute tour around our town, making one little stop along the way to fill up my basket.  I love the freedom I feel on my bike and the exercise it brings.  And it's such a healthful way to run errands too.  No need to sit hunched in the car when you can whizz down a bike path to your final destination. 
And what was my final destination?? It was the LCBO. 
What is this LCBO you ask if you are not from my part of the world?
Well, it's the only place you can legally buy alcohol in my part of Canada.  And I filled my lovely bike basket with sangria, cider, a couple cans of margarita and two alcoholic cloudy lemonades.  The perfect end to a perfect bike ride!!

Number Three: Baby Quails
I teach kindergarten to 30 mostly cute 4, 5 and 6 year olds.  This past week, one of the dads offered to bring in several of the newborn baby quails he has been raising in his backyard. He arrived in the morning with a clear, glass box containing 6 of the cutest 5 day old birds I had ever seen! They were just bigger than golf balls and covered in neutral-coloured striped feathers.  The kids said they looked "tiger-striped."  It was an apt description.  They spent the day squeaking and chirping and bringing everyone in the classroom great joy.  It's amazing what a sweet little living thing can do for anyone's mood!

Number Four: Camden's Smoothies
Camden is my fruit and vegetable kid.  He'll eat pretty much any of them without complaint.  In fact, there are days he'll turn down a meal I've prepared and ask for "cucumbers and berries please."
Now that he is 6-and-a-half, HE decided it was time for him to learn how to make his own smoothies using our trusty blender.  He's seen me do it lots of times, and helped a bit, but now he wanted me to stand by while HE put it all together.  And he did.
He threw in the banana and  he cut off the "green stuff" from the strawberries and tossed them in. He scooped out  a cup of yogurt and poured in a serving of almond milk. One I showed him which button to depress on the blender, he was off to the races. Within seconds his first self-made smoothie was ready and he told me it tasted extra-good because he had made it "all by himself."

Number Five: Mom and Daughter Date Night
The other night I had a dental appointment in a nearby town.  Perfectly enough, my daughter, Afton, had a softball game in that same town later that evening.  So we took full advantage of this coincidence and she headed down the highway with me for my appointment.  As soon as my teeth were clean, we found the nearest restaurant with the prettiest flowers and the sunniest patio, and we slid into our seats and enjoyed a relaxed "girls only" dinner. We started with Italian sodas, mmmm,  and finished with big plates of Primavera Pasta.  Lots of girl talk ensued and we planned another date just like this in the very near future!

I'm looking forward to visiting several other blogs to read about everyone else's weeks.  Hopefully I'll fit that in before we head away on our first camping trip of the year tonight.  Pray for good weather and cooperation from the kids!
Hugs to all,


  1. Hope you have a great trip. There is nothing like a date with your children on a one to one basis, great times to remember and treasure.

  2. What a busy week. Your bike ride sounds great, with the promise of a treat afterwards with your purchases en route! Your boy's smoothie looks good, and the lunch out with your daughter is so special. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. How sweet to see their smiles!!! Happy children, they make a happy home.
    And Camden's smoothie sounds divine.

    I can't even imagine taking a photo while riding a bike. Guess I'm not that coordinated.

  4. Well done to Camden on his first smoothie, it looks delictious - I always love your decriptions of the food you make and your bicycle ride to make your special purchases sounds wonderful. Have a great camping trip:)

  5. All such lovely things! How great that your son is making his own smoothies now! He will be joining you in making the pizelle's soon! They look really delicious!!! Your dinner with Afton sounds lovely, nice to have some girl time! I hope that your camping trip is a fun one! xx

  6. So nice to visit with you Bronwyn via Five on Friday. You have a lovely blog. I haven't ridden a bike in a long time, but your trip sounds delightful. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  7. Such a lovely post Bronwyn! And what gorgeous children you have!

  8. Sounds like a lovely time you had with your girls only dinner... almost made the trip to the dentist forgettable! LOL! I am impressed with Mr. 6.5 year old... so health conscious already and he probably doesn't even think about it being healthy but rather just enjoys the taste of "real" food! Those baby quail are just too adorable as are most baby animals. Lucky you, Italy! I have never had the opportunity to travel in Europe... I've seen a lot of the United States but I've only gotten as far as Canada otherwise. Perhaps one day I will be lucky... I would love to see Venice and Tuscany!
    Hugs for now my sweet friend,
    Beth P
    Five on Friday

  9. I really enjoyed your post, it sounds like a good week. I had no idea alcohol was restricted in Canada. The smoothie sounds delicious, you've reminded me I should start making them now that berries are in season again.

  10. Those quails are so cute! Good on your son for his fruit and vegetable affection! And a mom daughter date night is always a good thing. I've never heard of pizelles but they look scrummy!

  11. I remember well getting to Canada years ago and trying to figure out where to buy a 6-pack of beer. ha! Your bike ride sounds lovely. Congrats to your son on being such a healthy eater and making his own smoothies. Sounds like you had nice mother-daughter time, too. Hope the camping trip is great.

  12. What a great Five! Loved seeing the pizelle cookies, and just loved Camden's smoothies and your Mother-daughter afternoon! It was all a very nice post!

  13. Lovely photos, the baby Quails are so cute and well done Camden on that first smoothie. Enjoy your camping trip xx

  14. What a wonderful week! I bet your students did enjoy having those baby quail in the classroom. Mine would have flipped! There was a pigeon who hung around the school most of the year and they were always on the lookout for it. Have fun camping!

  15. Looks like a perfect kind of week to me my lovely. How sweet are those little quails x x x

  16. ooooh I love your five things this week!!!! I've never heard of those kind of waffle type biscuits - they do look yummy! I'm desperate to have some quails myself. So lovely and I think so much more manageable in a smaller yard. I can picture you on your bike getting some Sangria!!! It made me smile! Enjoy your weekend, J9 x


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